How to Start Setting Goals?

Okay, here's my list of goals.
1. Love the Lord my God with all my heart and soul.
2. Love my neighbor as myself.
3. Do the will of my Father.
I feel liek the enemy steals my memory from me :( and I need to write things down, but I'm too lazy to. I worry that I forget about God.
Hey Everyone!

Yes, setting goals is very important in achieving anything. It's a daily reminder of what we have to accomplish in our lives from starting a business, how many people you plan to witness to this month, school work etc.

I did a speaking engagement a while about about a setting a vision and goals for your life.

One book I persoanlly recommend, which helped me is Goals! by Brian Tracey who is a christian as well. The book is primary a business book, but he does include scriptures in there to confirm his theory.

Revisit How to Start Setting Goals article and click on the book at bottom of the article, I believe its like $10.

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