How would you rate CFS?

How would you rate CFS?

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I can’t think of anything to complain about.
Well…… maybe one thing. I get hungry sometimes. Does anyone on here deliver?
Extra cheese please. :D

Man im not gonna complain about anything at all. I really wanted, well that is i think it was the Lord was guiding me and telling me to make Christian friends, i dont mean to be dramatic but i was feeling quite nervous at the prospect because i felt like i wouldnt fit in or something, i tried another forum a few weeks ago but i knew it wasnt for me, then i found this place.

At first i didnt know if it was gonna work but i got through my first few posts and my confidence began to grow and now i just want to say that ive been blessed by more posts that i could mention and i want to say thanks for that!


My thoughts on CFS: IT'S OFF THE HOOK!!!:D For those who don't know that terminology it means CFS is awesome!
What kind of people do we let on this forum!? "OFF THE HOOK" indeed. :p

Really, my life will never be the same since I have met all of you. Especially Christ, whom I think is well pleased with this site. Thanx to everyone working together :groupray: and opening their arms to a lot of us, I am growing leaps and bounds in this family. I love all of you!
I've been on a fair number of forums including some Christian ones, and this is UNQUESTIONABLY the best forum I've ever seen!!!

High plaudits to Jeff for how he's set it up with thoughtfulness, care, and a lot of forethought. Plaudits also to the amazing team he has who keep this place the wonderful one that it is.

I praise God for bringing me to CFS, allowing me to minister here, and to get to know some of the beautiful saints of God who I now count as dear friends!


- BM, with his Lady


A gift from God and Jeff.

Don't underestimate how helpful this site and the people here are to many, Jeff and other members. :israel:
I joine this forum recently and I was note clear with some of the prossese and could you help and guide me how to intensively utilize the bleesing from this forem
Welcome to the forum .:welcome::welcome::welcome:

May I suggest that first you go to the New Members Welcome area and introduce yourself and also you can review the forum rules as well for a start .

Take your time and navigate through the forum in the beginning ... just reading and getting familiar with CFS ... Good luck and God Bless.

Survival tips for new members on the Christian Forum Site. __________________
I think the forum is great as it is...Its not really the looks that matter, its what the place is that makes us wanna be here :confused:

Did that make sense..? LOL

I reaaaally love CFS!! It is the best christian site around! Anything good ya'll could add would oblviously be a plus, like some of the stuff above, more content or features, But I am still blessed to have found such a wonderful site full of inspiration, love for the LORD and lots of wonderful christians!
I think this site is very professional looking with a lot of areas for people of different interests to participate. That being said, this is not my personal favorite forum, but it is a nice place to visit occassionally. That certainly doesn't make it a bad place, it is just not the greatest fit for it to be my everyday place to contribute. I do much more reading than posting.
Thumbs up!

I love the graphics. Like some I am a newbie..but so far from what I can see this seems a friendly place where most people actually want to converse peacefully from varying viewpoints but are able to express charity and respect for one another as well.

I like that there is a waiting period after you register to start posting. This surely must help keeps trolls from becoming a nuisance here and give some a chance to rethink the policies; thus enabling the development of on line Christian community for those who really want that instead of those who come with an agenda or just to hit and run.

I also like that various sections are set up on a waiting until so many posts basis.

Nicely planned and very well organized too.

Thanks to all who make a site like this possible and also who make it a safer place than most to post.

On a scale of 1-10 this is a 9.853. Well, of course, there is probably something to improve; but I sure can't think of what yet. Will let you know after I am here a while though. ;)
I like the site. It is a little frustrating for me being newer, when I see a topic I want to comment on but its closed due to being discussed already before I was here.
But I do understand why this is done. I have seen forums that arent moderated well and its quite bad on those.

All in all its a good site with nice people.

and that little cat baseball game is addictive
I love this forum just as it is.

I know God led me here, as I feel the spirit when I'm here.

I have found myself spending many hours here, looking up things in the Bible that have been discussed.

Thanks to Jeff and all the Moderators for a great forum!