Howdy....From Faith (Jeani)

Oct 12, 2009
Howdy....From Faith (Jeani)

I just wanted to introduce myself....

I'm a 56 year old mother of three grown sons,and married for 33 years....

I accepted the Lord as My Savior and Lord at 15 years old.

I've been involve with being my husband's helpmate in teaching the 'young couples SS Class'; leading women's bible studies; helpmate in teaching Discipleship class; involved in Lay Renewals; organize soul winning weekend at my church; doing all wedding and baby showers; quiltting class;and filling in my ladies SS class.

I have been through every witness program in our church,and I now attend a Southern Baptist Church~

I'm a new friend of Hrt4Christ,and it's taken me some time to get register....

I think I became a 'continous drip' to Jeffin....Ha!

Glad to finally be here....

Dec 5, 2008
It is wonderful to have you here with us!
Mar 24, 2009
Mississippi Gulf Coast
Hi Faith. So glad you found our forum. Sorry you had a hard time, but glad Jeff took care of it for you.

This is a wonderful forum, filled with wonderful Chrsitians, from whom I've learned so much.

After you've posted a while and you have 100 posts, please join our Women Who Care Forum Club...we'd love to have you.

Looking forward to hearing from you again.

Blessings, Cheri