Hi all. I saw this was a friendly Christian forum and thought, "Just what I'm looking for!", so I signed up. Not to say that there aren't other friendly sites, but a quick skim through says this looks the best I've found.

Anyway, my name's Andrew Bernhardt, and I live in the tiny town of Beatty, Nevada, just east of Death Valley. (It has been a tad warm lately, but I've gotten used to it.) I moved here from South Jersey 26 years ago, and I've been blissfully married to my wife, Wanda, since 1999.

I like reading (Christian bios, CS Lewis, Tolkien), playing piano (classical and praise), listening to music like Brooklyn Tabernacle, Damaris Carbaugh, Michael Card, Fernando Ortega, J M Talbot, and Maranatha! Praise, sci fi, hiking and some off-roading, Bible study, writing, and computer programming. I've been online since the mid-80's, when I wrote and sold an electronic bulletin board system for the C64. I also used to draw very difficult mazes (which I have on my website).

I'm an elder at my church, where I sometimes teach an adult class or fill in for the pastor. I also recently wrote my first book on discipleship called Seeing Jesus - A Disciple's Perspective. My goal in life is to help other believers to a closer knowledge and walk with Jesus.

I'm introverted and not talkative by nature. I used to hate to write and talk. I still find it difficult at times to write... the words don't always come to me like with most people. (It usually takes me an hour or so to put together a few sentences on a greeting card. :rolleyes: ) So, I don't post as much as others, but when I do, the perfectionist in me tries to do the best possible.

I guess that's enough about me... for now at least.
Welcome Andrew. I've been leading folks to the foot of the cross over the web since about '95 and this is the best site on the net. Good fishing!

I am sure that you will have a great time here with us !!
I practiced as a child for 10 years beginning around 1968. My dad taught me at first. (He still teaches piano!) I hated practice, and stopped playing for another 10.

When I moved to Beatty and got involved in the local church, I picked up a cheap keyboard and started accompanying the pianist and organist. This helped me learn how to sightread. Now I have an Alesis QS8 and still play for my church. I consider myself a good amateur, but I don't have the time for serious practice.