Fluffy..... can I ask you a question? Is that the name of your cat ? Cause my name is one of my cats... Dusty. Anyways great to meet you.
No, my cats name is Silversocks, because he is silvery grey and has white socks. (hubby named him)
My name has a story behind it!
I made friends with a wonderful lady on forum A, and she introduced me to forum B. I complained one day that forum B was just a lot of fluff, no real meat in it. But strange thing is, I couldnt stay away from forum B! (there are jewels in all that fluff, you just have to dig for it) So one day, I wrote my friend and said "Just call me Fluffy, because I cant stay away!" Well, it seemed like a good name, so I kept it! ha!

P.s. love your graphics!