Huge black hole

I think its amazing whats out in space.

You look at earth and how big it is, and its nothing compared to Space. To think that the universe could be millions times larger than what we already know. Its just so amazing. And black holes, what if they are some sort of portal to another dimension ? Or there is another universe other than ours, or life on other planets and other planets we have not yet discovered. Imagine getting lost in space!
how can you weigh a hole?nothingto worry about straight is our pool the cue knocks the baals around.
A black hole is not actually a "hole" but was once a star that has collapsed in itself because it has exhausted its fuel supply, no longer being able to sustain its size. It's size is proportional to the amount of radiating energy that the nuclear reactions within it produce in relation to its overall mass, which is the source of its gravity. Since the mass (gravity)does not diminish as its energy does, its own gravity compresses it continually inward until it reaches a point called singularity- or infinate density. At this point gravity is so pronounced (strong) that not even light escapes its pull, hence the name black hole. It creates a region in space where all matter within the range of its gravitational field(event horizon) and light are pulled into it and compressed into singularity.

Under these conditions, it would never be possible for a human to survive being sucked into a black hole, as the closer one gets, the greater the gravitational pull. The theory of what would happen, is called spaghettification.The gravty increase in strength the closer you get to the center or singularity, and therefore acts proportionately on whatever foreign matter is being sucked into it. Say your floating torwards the event horizon feet first. Once you enter the event horizon, the gravity increases bit by bit in relation to the closest matter to the black hole. In effect, since the closest matter would be the molecules or atoms in your feet, they would be sucked in with increasingly greater force and speed than the matter furthest away-the top of your head. You would be stretched and stretched and stretched as you went deeper into the ever increasing gravitational vacuum. In essence, you would be turned into spaghetti.
Black holes are always increasing in mass, as they suck in the matter Aound them(other stars, astroids, planets,whatever) and therefore always increasing in weight and strength. They are in effect, galactic parasites, with a 100% mortality rate of their victims. If a person wants to become one with the universe, black holes are the ticket.
A black hole is pure nothing. Gravity that teeters on the edge of infinity, gravity strong enough to prick a tiny hole in the fabric of space-time.

What I don't get is the event horizon...they say it's a point where nothing can move either forward or back. It's the spot where a permanent image is stamped into the very threads of space, forever.

But they say, too, that a black hole can't be seen with the naked eye. There's black holes out there that are immense! They've swallowed up stars much bigger than our own.

So...wouldn't these stars have been stamped into the event horizon? Wouldn't the black hole have so many images stamped into its event horizon that it would be much like a dazzling star in space?

Also, they say nothing (and then they add in "not even light" even though light is something) can escape the pull of gravity from a black hole.

Then they say they know there are black holes out there, because a black hole throws off jets of radioactive gases millions of miles into space from its poles.

Ummm...wouldn't those jets be "something"?

Am I being difficult again?:eek:
Carolina...don't be sorry.

Nobody but God can be completely sure, ya know:)

After all...all we have so far are theories. You have just as much right to have a theory as the rest of anybody.:D
Thanks Whirlwind, but I was wasn't presenting my theory, I was trying to present what I understood someone else's theory, or the main consensus, to be. I just felt I needed to apologize for giving out wrong info. Don't want to be someone who quotes falsehoods as facts, ya know? Thanks for the encouragement though, bro!
Carolina...but we're not going to have facts on black holes until the day we can send someone in - and then get them back out with the data.:p

Only someone inside the black hole would know the fact. Everybody on the outside would be stuck with their theories. :)

You could theorize right now that every black hole has a soft, chewy center. Nobody in the world, no matter how scientific they are or how many books they've read, can prove you wrong with any facts they have...because the fact is there have been no facts recovered from the soft, chewy center of a black hole.

So you're okay.:eek:

Afterthought: Just because other theories about black holes are popular doesn't mean that they're right. Popularity can't change fact. So everything you say about black holes deserves to be heard and is a valuable contribution. :)
I have seen black holes purportedly spewwing out gamma radiation in streams but if the theory of gravity so strong that even light is sucked in how does this occur? It is for now at least an educated guess.
Lol, I wondered if they ever thought of putting a long-lasted video camera (running) into a black hole and seeing what'd happen? Lol, you know one of those simple in-your-backyard projects, lol. It made be kind of wrong, but it seems funny.

below is a cute joke, lol. ;)

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Just like space.

You can't hear it. Can't taste it. Touch it. Smell it. See it.

But it's there. All around us.

Just because we don't understand something doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. God is wonderful, that He gave us limit.

If all questions were answered to us right when we were born, then there wouldn't be anything curious to learn about while we're growing up. This just makes the adventure a little more bumpy and exciting, don't you think?

stating something without real proof is not science nor does it make it real. The problem is that they claim it too be actual and have no proof. That makes is wrong and foolish..