I am not a Christian.

as a person who is not perfect at all, i might say that i'm not the "greatest Christian," h/e I know that God exist, I had to decide to rely on faith myself tho, all the proof in the world can exist right in front o ur eyes and some people will still not want to see it. I'll pray 4 you and i don't mean in a condescending way, I pray 4 all people
Hi everyone and ditto Littleone.

Back when Jesus walked this earth He performed many miracles that many people witnessed;
however some of those people still chose not to believe Him.

No human can prove God to another human, because we are all imperfect.

Each individual must choose to believe; no one can force them to believe.

Jesus didn't even try forcing people to believe.
He was just Himself.

I can share with someone all day long the things that God has done for me,
but it is up to the individual to choose to believe or not.

I am praying for you Unregistered.
I believe that this "guest" is trying to prove to himself that God doesn't exist. If they truley believed that there was no God then they wouldn't come to this site and stir up an argument.

The more they argue their point the easier it is for them to believe it. If you tell a lie over and over..... eventually you will believe it yourself.

A true athiest, agnostic (whatever) would not even waste their time coming to this site.
You say your not a Christian, I say take a number and get in line, no line jumpers here thanks. lol

Mate the thing you need to know is this, very few can claim to be Christian, as for me i am just a man trying hard to be one. i have a lot to live up to and former Christians before me have left some big shoes for me to fit into.

As for a belief in God or not to have a belief in God, you are free to choose what you feel is right and just for you. If you chose not to believe, great, good for you at least you chose not to, Jesus said you should be Hot for God or like you cold for God, at least you have a chance. But What gets under His skin the most is the warm people, the could be if a gave it a go type people.

But here is a tip: If your cold for God, be cold and stop wasting people time, go of and be cold some other place. But if you are seeking an answer to maybe charge your belief set a little, ask the right question the right way and i myself will give you every spare mintue I have to answer your questions.

I can't teach you, I can only talk. If you are seeking you will understand. Also God is not a magic show as some cold people think, God is about a relationship.


Atheists and agnostics are willing to believe in things like the big bang which is scientifically impossible, so my question to you is:

What makes your unproven beliefs any more valid than ours?

Because, scientists have much more proof that something like the big bang happened, while you can not prove something like a being(God) creating the Earth ever happened.


Neither can they explain "Why" if we evolved from Apes, are Apes still having Apes?

That's because humans didn't evolve from apes and no scientist that is worth anything will say so. Rather, they will say that apes and humans share a common ancestor. Humans did not evolove from present day apes. There have been many publications with all of the information needed to explain why scientists accept this as a plausable theory worldwide. Hundreds of resources about the subject can be found easily by anyone who wants to know more about it.


So 'unregistered', if you are so sure there is no God and Darwin was right- why do you visit a Christian site? I think inside you are desperately running around looking for something that's right in front of you...

Many Atheists like pushing Christians' buttons because they get a good laugh at the responses. I bet that is what they are doing.


erm to a post on page one we evolution theory doesn't say we evolved from apes! it says we both (us and apes) evolved from the same ancestor.
i guess atheists wouldn't concern themself with who 'lit the fuse' of the big bang or whatever happened because they don't care or know they cannot know but see no reason to assume a deity.

weak/strong atheist is interesting. you can be epistomologically weak atheist and still be ethically strong atheist i.e. you do not profess certain knowledge that god does not exist but you would never worship him anyway. you stand by your own ethical principles regardless of deities existance. <me
you could be strong in that you think you are certain god doesn't exist but weak in that if he did you would be forced to convert.