I believe because I know it is true

I believe because I know it is true

Most of my life I thought that Christianity was for the uneducated and gullible. Until – about 8 years ago – I decided to - once and for all – check it out. That changed my life. I discovered that evolution is a hoax with a shred of evidence , the Bible is a collection of historical books supported by genuine manuscripts, archaeology and honest testimony and Jezus gives convincing evidence for that He is who He claims to be: God Himself. His miracles, fulfilled prophecies and above all the resurrection are supported by historical facts.

This changed my (and my families) life rather dramatically. Now we are active chasing God in stead of money and try to serve the Lord through our apologetics ministry.

I hope that on this forum I can share some of my enthusiasm and learn from others.

In Christ’s service,

Rob VandeWeghe
Welcome, Windmill! I would enjoy some more about your journey to belief. I have been trying to get into apologetics myself, so I can present facts, not as a reason for, but as a supporter for my faith. I am overwhelmed with the amount of evidence for what most atheists say cannot be proved. I have to admit, that that most of the scientific and philosophy is over my head, cause I just don't have the vocabluary to follow alot of it, but I at least try to remember where I read something, so I can pass the source on. I look forward to seein you around the boards.
Welcome Windmill! I was visiting your site, which I plan on visiting again because I find it very informative. Nice Site!
I would just like to ask you a question. Through your studies and research is it your understanding that Yeshua and YHVH make up two thirds of the "Trinity"? If this is what you believe to be true would I be correct and saying that you believe Jesus is God in the flesh? Thank you.
I do not make it a habit to come out and ask new members direct questions like this, but we are not usually prsented with an Apologetic web site from where they offer their beliefs.
Look forward to sharing and learning.
Jezus is part of the Trinity

Freedom07 thanks for your reply.

I believe Jesus is part of the Trinity which consists of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.

From an evidence perspective (apologetics, not theology) the evidence shows that Jesus was both man (because from an historical perspective He as human without any doubt) and God (as He did things only God can do). So therefore I refer to Him both as Son of God (his human nature) and God (the "I Am" name for instance) Himself.

I appreciate your remark very much, it shows me that I need to add a statement of faith to the site.

Rob VandeWeghe
I've been reading your site with keen interest Rob. I think its awesome that you actually present your book in three different formats: on your site as a browsable link based medium, as a downloadable e-book, or just buy the book. That is unique. There are several authors which I would really like to read in depth, but I can't afford the books and/or my library doesnt have them. So I really appreciate what you have done there.

I am trying to read throught the site in order without surfing around.Your writing style is one of the easiest for a non scholar like myself to follow that I have come across as well. I have tried reading a couple of Josh McDowell's books, but sometimes I have trouble keeping up with some of the vocabulary and "isms"
Well done indeed

and congratulations on your revelation
Welcome! Congratulations on becoming enlightened about the true path. The Lord has a place up there for you my friend!!