I Believe In Miracles

@ micheal, God does protect but not always.. hes not a genie and bc were saved doesnt mean everythinh will go well

John the baptist was beheaded
Peter was crucified upsidd dwn
Stephen was stoned
Paul executed
And the people in Revelation will be executed too for the faith.

So its not a guarantee. ... accepting God and obeying Him just means you love Him,
No matter what.
Worked through Herod? Herod had him beheaded as a promise to his niece' s request after she danced for her uncle. As far as " Exalting Kathryn Kuhlman; the Bible teaches all glory goes to God, and no human Male or Female. When we read about the 10 plagues God put upon Pharoah through Moses; The Magicians of Pharoah could also do certain miracles Moses could do. Which shows the Devil has certain powers given to him to deceive people using others.

Not saying this woman was demon possessed at all, just reminding us never to put people on pedestals, God gets the Glory.not people..