I can't login.



I can't login.

I am Summer'sBreeze,and I have a new comp.I have tried allot to login,but so far I can't.Can someone help?
Summer'sBreeze - we checked your account structure and everything at this end seems to be fine. I'd suggest that you go therough the Lost or Forgotten Password procedure in the block where you log in and have the forum send you information to your email address that you originally registered here with. That way you can get back in and update or modify your password, etc. Juat make certain that your CAP'S LOCK button is off when you type in your original password. If that's not the problem, then we'll have Jeff, the Administrator contact you in THIS thread later on. Thank you.

Hi Summer's Breeze,

New computers can be a real pain sometimes!

I noticed in your Profile that you said you wanted to learn more about the Bible. Some people don't realise that you can still navigate and read the forum without actually logging in - but there are still other things you cannot do of course.

We can understand your health problems, and send love and empathy to you!

Bless you heaps!

- BM (with his Lady)