I Didn't Ask For This Blessing.

God gave me a double portion blessing which I didn't pray for. My son drove all the way from south Alabama to central Al. to bring me a free new side by side refrigerator and stove. Both were black and matched with the black dish washer. I have one clue why God did this, his love for me and willingness to honor my confessions of his promises of prosperity.

You see he gave me a series of teachings to share on how to receive abundant prosperity and now he is confirming to me so when I share them it will not be questionable that the messages are true. Anyone can receive offerings and say God gave it when they are in the possibility of teaching false bible teachings. Namely on TV. Some even teach heresy.

It is when common folks are just getting answered prayers or unasked ones, and God reveals his love and honors his word.

One preacher mentions he heard people using the sow money gimmick were not getting results for planting their seed faith. He said it is because they must have faith and have God prosper them. Giving to get is not a principle of love, it is in the word, faith works by love. They give to get.

True prosperity is based on proper motives. If you can't trust God and only beg, you must not be waiting on God to answer in his timing.

This testimony is strictly for the glory of God.
Just like when a husband comes home and brings flowers and candy as a surprise, Our heavenly bridegroom wants to send sweet things our way because his passions for us are very intense and he loves us more than we can ever know.