I got a second job !!! :D

Thank you everyone who prayed for me and I thank god too.

Ill tell you the storey.. So.. I was applying and asking everywhere...
And today I was gonna hand in applications at my mom's job(hospital...where I was gonna apply as a cashier for the gift shop) and to a hotel...

So I went to the hotel...and one lady was pretty rude saying..they weren't hiring..when I called prior and a worker told me they were...so in my mind I was like man... Ill never get another job...I'm just gonna stop if the next place doesn't work out..

And in the car ...we were on the way to the gift shop ..till my mom said to apply at the hotels we were living in for a while...and I was like...ok yeah..ill go there..

So I go there and he basically hires me without filling out the application because he knows me so well...

And I'm just happy..so happy...I finally have another job and I can help my family.

God is good. And thank u guys for the prayers...they really really work. God is real,alive,well and good <3