I Had An Interested Night

I had an interesting night. I know I could have done a lot better, and handled things better. It was all in the moment with no time to think it all through. Don't you always wish you could go back and do things better? Anyways take a look at this

I changed the name to protect privacy and edited the curse words. let me know if I missed any of them to edit.

This was posted on the prayer circle group on facebook.

Mike-Shane Stork 9:02pm Jul 29
A friend of mine 13yr. daughter came home today and told her she was gay. My friend is a Christian and has no idea how to handle this demon. Come to think of it I wouldn't either. She is asking for prayer

john smith 9:14pm Jul 29
Demon? You people are sick. Stupid religious people man. I swear for people claiming to follow the bible poor sure like to be judgmental. Spreading hate and percicuting those whom believe different than you is so Christ like. Maybe you should give her support and love like any normal human being would do you ignorant trash.

john smith 9:16pm Jul 29
Ps just because you grew up being told the a work of fiction is real doesn't mean you should spread your filth elsewhere. The most shame god must feel for his children must be the existence of Christianity. It's poison.

john smith 9:17pm Jul 29
Ryan Tomlinson I would hope you would have a bit more intellect floating around up there.

This was a chat I sent him after deleting his posts and removing him from the group.

Conversation started today

Ryan Tomlinson 9:24pm
Hey Man, she just asked for prayer. I get that you believe different and thats cool. No need to cuss her out on a group that is for prayer. I didn't realize it sorry, but obviously the group isn't somethings you'd want to be a part of. sorry that her post offended you. I wouldn't have called demon either but understand that some people don't know how to handle something like that when they have grown up a certain way there whole life. I agree we should show love, and that is all i ask for in the group as well. just to show love in all posts. so i deleted your posts, and can't have that on the group. i do hope you understand. I don't want any arguments and I def wouldn't ever try to preach at you or anything like that. i understand you have your belief in Atheism and i respect that. i hope things are going well for ya. you still playing in a band?

john smith 9:36pm
No need to persecute millions on an open forum. You don't like it? Try not being a hypocrite. You have NO IDEA what I believe. Don't ever assume you do without even knowing someone. Just because someone doesn't believe in a book written by men trying to make money does not make then an atheist. It merely makes me someone who is capable of thinking for himself. I didn't mean to be so militant, it just aggravates me. And you endorsed what she said by allowing it to stay. And praying that God will 'heal' her of this demon. If you have the audacity to leave that crap up on your page then I will say what I D*%n well please to this evil woman. Ignorance does not pardon you from the way the world works. That is no excuse. What you are doing is not bettering you or anyone else. You do not realize it but you are oppressing free thinking and logic for what a 2000 year old books says. Of course you are. It actually makes since. When is the last time you heard that about the bible? I am not atheist. I know there is a god. I hope that one day you understand and can reach enlightenment. Blessings.

Ryan Tomlinson 9:37pm
your profile says atheist
that is why i assumed you didn't lie on your belief
The group is created for prayer
that is what we do there
i understand it is not for you

john smith 9:38pm
I love that whatnot think you know of me is based on my Facebook profile.

Ryan Tomlinson 9:38pm
I never claimed to know you, I said I respected your belief

john smith 9:38pm
What you think*

Ryan Tomlinson 9:38pm
i didn't realize you didn't believe what you said you believe

john smith 9:39pm
Then Ryan tell me this

Ryan Tomlinson 9:39pm
Either way, I don't allow cussing on the group or bashing
thats all
I allow prayer requests
im not really trying to debate anything

john smith 9:39pm
Well that sir was bashing. What she said was bashing

Ryan Tomlinson 9:40pm
you already made fun of my intellect
I am not claiming to be smart

john smith 9:40pm
You allowed it because it fit in with your belief
Ryan Tomlinson

and have all answers

Its a group for my belief

I am allowed to have a christian group

I really don't see how this conversation is helpful, I don't want to anger you any futher
john smith

Of course you are. And I am allowed to cuss. And you are allowed to delete me
Ryan Tomlinson

glad you agree
john smith

I'm not angry Ryan. I'm disgusted
Ryan Tomlinson

then there is nothing else

to discuss about it

Im not angry either

So lets let my beliefs be mine yours yours

You won't get messages like that anymore from the group
john smith

Ok one last question?
Ryan Tomlinson

so you don't have to be disgusted
john smith


Here it goes: you believe that homosexuality is evil and wrong and that the world would be a better place without them?
Ryan Tomlinson

Never said any belief's on this issue

I simply said I was praying
john smith

That's why I'm askinh

Ryan Tomlinson

I believe this issue has been beaten to death by both sides.

And I would never say the world would be a better place without them

I have several family and friends that choose that lifestyle and we get a long just fine

I never bash them and they never cuss me out and make fun of my intelligence

Listen, I personally find peace and strength in my faith. My wife has had 9 surgeries in the past 15 months

I take care of her

my boys

sleep about 2 hours a night

and try to pay the bills

The prayer group

helps me through that with the love and strength I get from friends and family

Like I said, I wouldn't have called it a demon

But look beyond that, obsvoisly this mother needs to love their kids no matter what

but they prob just don't know how to deal with it right now
john smith

So she can't live a Gay?
Ryan Tomlinson

I simply offer prayers for them

I don't know them at all
john smith

Ryan Tomlinson

I just said she should love

no matter what
john smith

Ryan Tomlinson

ok, goodnight
john smith

I apologize for getting angry and loosing my cool. However I do believe that you have some things you need to address. If you really want to do some real good. Work on educating your fellow brothers and sisters. Rather than just praying for whatever they ask. Have them find the strength in themselves to change their own life. No wait for some being to do it for them. Again I feel horrible for loosing it... I am really trying to better that part of myself. You should take some time from you prayer and meditate. Your mind is god.
john smith

Ryan Tomlinson

I appreciate that

I will take everything you said

and think hard about it ok?

That fair?
john smith

It really doesn't matter to me, that is for you. I suppose my method of offering perspective wasn't the best delivery.
Ryan Tomlinson

May I kindly point out one last thing? not to argue at all but just to maybe help just in case you didn't want someone else to assume you were an Atheist like I did unintentionally

On your profile, under religious views it says " Atheist"

Christianity, along with all other theistic belief systems, is the fraud of the age. It serves to detach the species from the natural world, and likewise, each other. It supports blind submission to authority.
john smith

Wow. Beautiful.
Ryan Tomlinson

Of course it is completely up to you what to put there, but that was the only reason I assumed

so I am very sorry I assumed

but just wanted to let you know that was the only reason why, not anything else you said

Thanks again for the conversation and Goodnight
john smith

Is fine, my belief was not the topic of discussion so i think in this case that is irrelevant. But I'll address that.

Ryan Tomlinson

Sorry, just saw you replied back. I realize it wasn't initially the topic, you brought it up saying. " You have NO IDEA what I believe. Don't ever assume you do without even knowing someone. Just because someone doesn't believe in a book written by men trying to make money does not make then an atheist" So I simply tried to let you know why I thought you were is all. Thought it might help. Anyways, got to get back to work. Putting in an all nighter. I would like to apologize as well if I said anything that would make you think I hated anybody. I believe of faith, hope and love the greatest is Love. So if we can agree on Love being great, than that's cool with me. So for real this time lol, Goodnight man ...
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Ok first of all, this person had a HUGE overreaction to the situation. That happens a lot though. A lot of Christians have given people reason to react like that and then when it comes down to simple harmless things, all the sudden they explode because they have been looking to rip into a Christian for a while. I see this a lot to be honest.
Sep 16, 2011
Don't you always wish you could go back and do things better?
Haha, always just before I go to sleep.

You replied in a very kind and loving manner but too loving and kind imho. A Christian prayer group is for Christians, I would have told him to leave immediately and if he was really interested in your belief.... discuss elsewhere where the 13 year old will not be affected by your discussion with him.


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Dec 7, 2005
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I've also had interesting conversations with 2 or 3 cfs members who assumed stuff about me even accusing me of things I did to them which I did not. I lovingly try and explain or solve it. I remember one particular conversation where I got emotional and explained my personal situation at home and with family. In my humble opinion, I think family / personal issues are better not shared in this type of conversation. Just stay strong and confident. I know it's easy said than done. Anyway, you handled this person well. (y)
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Thanks for the replies guys. Talking about personal life I think was one of the things I wish I could have taken back, really sounded more desperate I'm sure than anything. I should also clarify that I knew the person years ago when they were a Christian. Back in 2006 me and my wife had a Christian Concert Venue and he was in one of the Christian bands that played often. He often came to me and thanked me for my messages and that they spoke to him etc. So I hadn't talked to him in years since the venue was shut down and he was invited to the prayer group. So I think that is why I went the extra hour talking with him, since I was curious a little what happened to him.

I am not disappointing with how kind I was per say but I do wish I could have done a better Job defending our faith. Either way you guys are right. The bottom line is the prayer group is for prayer and those that don't want to respect that have no right to be there. I deleted his comments and banned him from the group within minutes of his posts. But then decided to try to reach out by PM afterwards.
Nov 21, 2009
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Wow! You handled that situation wonderfully! There's going to be certain people like that and will get angry at about everything. I think the way you handled it and the responses that you gave were very respectful. People like "John Smith" need that. Regardless of how they act, they still need love and they need to see Christ's love in our actions. So many people hate Christians and I honestly don't blame them. I have seen some pretty awful representatives of Christ, but I have also seen some WONDERFUL representatives of Christ.

You gave him love. You respected him. And he'll remember it. Christians need to be examples of Christ. Sure, we mess up at times. I mess up all the time! But we still gotta remember of the actions that we do and how it can affect others....especially people who are not walking the walk!
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