I hate college...

I go to a communtiy college, so I spend very little time there, just classes and then I'm OUT. But my girlfriend goes to a Christian U, and even a regular U.. it can't be THAT much worse than high school. High school had all the same stuff. Pot heads, heavy drinkers, etc. I figured the universities would have less of it because most potheads don't go to universities, rather they end up dropping out of high shcool, which is mainly what I saw.

Iheartlarrythecucumber, I pray you find upbeat friends who fill your free time with good influential attitudes and help you lead the right path. Good luck.
In regards to finding a man, stop going to parties or looking for boys in your dorm. Go to the library or an engineering class or look for a nerdy guy. THEY ARE ALWAYS THE NICE ONES. When a girl complains of "no good guys" and she hasn't checked the nerds yet, I completely discredit her.

College is fantastic. Exposure to the world. Best of all, you DON'T have to hang out with the same people every day! If you don't like those people you are with, CHANGE YOUR FRIENDS! In college, its easier!
-tsi's friend (dottywine)
Hey there!!!:D

I used to hate college, too...my mom told me, "You're going to hate being broke and poor a lot more than you're going to hate this!" (she went to college with me).

You don't drink!? Live and be young while you still can...you know, the more you drink the faster you age. Honey, alcohol might pickle and preserve some things...but we're not one of them. Later on in life, when the people who drank are suffering the consequences (I'm one of them), you'll be able to enjoy life to the fullest by participating in sports or being active in ways that others can't. 'sides, going to college should mean gaining things to store in your brain cells...not killing them off.:eek:

IHL - cliques were over after high school. Those that are still trying to hang onto the childish ideals of a teenager are the kind of people you should steer clear of. Or at least I did, hah!:)

Even after college, you're going to hear profanity. It's everywhere, and people don't even realize they use it today. But the amazing gift is that you don't use it. God knows this. He sees your heart. Whenever you hear a swear word, think: "Father, thank you that it wasn't me who felt the need to use that word!" Mean it in your heart. Be grateful that you know better. Your little light is going to shine, and other people will notice that and want to be like you.

...and you're so, so wrong. Most young guys are idiots? You couldn't be more wrong, I'm sorry. But most guys are idiots, period! :) We're going to be idiots when we're young, and we'll just get even more idioter as the years go on. No, seriously...stop looking. Go to church, put your faith in your Father in heaven. When it's time, you're going to find the right guy - he's going to find you. You won't be able to miss each other.;)

Being a Christian is hard anywhere, my dear little friend. It lasts a lifetime, but you can make it easier by letting go. Give God some of it, He can take it. But NOT being a Christian is going to be harder for a lot, lot, lot longer.

God bless you, IHL - you're still doing okay!:)
I throughly enjoyed this response from the first "my mom went to college with me" to the "he will find you." Great advice. I fully intend to go to college with mine just as my friend did with hers. To the best of your ability, ignore anything but the influences you desire. Focus on only those. Narrow, perhaps; but you will have to do that after college so you might as well practice. The only thing that gets you through focus is friends. Find out who in your church goest to that college....you got a bulletin board there? Most colleges have some "Baptist Service Center" or something like that.

I'm so sorry that you feel alone. College can indeed be a scary place with incredible challenges and times of trial. Can I encourage you with a few thoughts ?
Please remember that God loves you so very much and He really does want the best for you (including relationships). He promises to give you a hope and a future. Learn to walk by faith, not by sight and remember that in your times of lonliness and weakness, His power and presence will always meet you at your point of need.

Be encouraged !
Love in Christ,

Pastor Glenn