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What you suffered is called a browser hijack. I've had it happen twice. The first time it really freaked me out, the second time it just plain annoyed me and I said some very uncharitable words about cyber vandals! The best solution is to have some kind of protection that runs continually in the background. I use SpywareBlaster, and AVG also has that function now. In general terms of dealing with viruses/adware/spyware/and all other malicious programs, ASquared is good, but it takes a looooooooong time to run (or maybe that's just cause my puter is crammed with stuff. :) )

I really can't understand the minds of those who take pleasure in messing up the day of people they don't even know!


another really good program is hijackthis once again if it is ok with the moderators and i can find the forum i found it on i will post the link. how ever a word of caution this program can mess your computer up because you have to manually deleate things and it pulls up EVERY file and folder on your computer. the forum i found it on has a great group of people who are well versed with this program and can tell you what to remove and what to leave alone. they have a place for you to post the log and some one will go through it pick out a list of bad things and post it so you can go through and remove them. while it can cause major problems if used wrong it can make your computer run like it is brand new.
Hijackthis is really for advanced users......

Unless you know what your doing, I wouldnt recommend a beginner to use it.

Ask for help before even attempting
Thanx you all for all your ideas. I'm sure it helped others as well. And, no, I won't be using that last suggestion, as I'm not very savey on this here computer. I did install a couple of things, though and got rid of the MacAvee. It's been interesting.
Hijackthis is really for advanced users......

Unless you know what your doing, I wouldnt recommend a beginner to use it.

Ask for help before even attempting

i am a member of a tech support forum and there is a team that deals with all that sort of stuff you can post your log and they will go through it and tell you what to remove. i wouldnt recomend any one use this program by them self due to the damage it can cause if used incorectly
C-cleaner is good for some. I personally use AVG internet security. I paid for the full version. 29 bucks a year. Cheap. I too had experienced the windows poppin up very fast and uncontrolably. McAfee didnt stop it nor did Norton. Spybot is ok but yeah you got to go in manually to get rid of it. AVG does it for me. So thats my opinion. I heard Kapersky is also good at this stuff. Friend of mine uses this thing and swears by it. But I got what I got n it werks for me real good. Personal preference I guess.
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there's a new free anti virus called Avira Anti virus. it's free from Download Free Antivirus Products
apparently it's really good !

I use Nod32 best one for me (not free though), very silent, doesn't intrude like Kaspersky and very very powerful and fast and doesn't slow down anything.

ccleaner is amazing :D I use it daily to clean residues.
I use many other programs. as Bo suggested spybot is great !
superantispyware also

don't go near Norton, slows down pc a lot and not very good!
though newer versions norton 360 may be better. but not better than the better ones LOL :p