I Lied To The Elders Of My New Church

If a church you attend tells you, you do not need water baptism, or that salvation still comes without being Water Baptized...say goodbye to those folks. Just read and obey exactly what Apostle Peter told those who wanted to know: " What must we do"? In Acts 2 v 37...read the next verse..38 what he said to do. No arguments, Debates, or skepticism...simply obey it. If your church does not obey this command...no telling how many other commands or teachings they also exclude.
Notice also; Jesus told his Apostles in Matthew 28 v 19:
"....Baptizing them in THE NAME of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Ghost"

What is THE NAME Jesus is referring unto? certainly A Father is a title not anyone' s name. I am a FATHER but I have a Name. If I try to write a check and sign the check " Father" be assured a red flag will go up with the teller or manager of that bank wanting to see some ID. Or if I sign it " Son" or " Holy Ghost" same results. Jesus is THE NAME in Matthew 28 v 19 Jesus us talking about in parable form. For proof he was not speaking literally how he wanted it done, simply read all the Baptisms in the Book of Acts when the Church first started.Not one single verse does it say " Father, Son, Holy Ghost" was ever used when The Apostles Baptized anyone. It was always done " In The Name of Jesus Christ" or " Lord Jesus".

Water Baptism is symbolic of The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. This is exactly why it is done in His Name. (1) We Repent..Our old sin nature dies
(2) We are " buried" like he was only in total water immersion.

(3) We are " Resurrected" to a new life as a Christian.

This is why it is not only important to be Water Baptized; but how to do it, and the reason why it is done..

Jesus Freak

Previously DanaCovert68
You need to talk to your pastor about this for sure. You need to ask forgiveness too. And if you don't feel comfortable telling the women, that's fine. No one os forcing you to.
I appreciate your intentions, but your response isn't what I am looking for. I am very happy with the road I am on and have found leaders within my church who are good supporters. The concern isn't, "am I ready to be baptized?" but rather that 1) these people assume I have been baptized and thus think that step in becoming an official member is taken care of, and 2) I lied to these people and am unsure of how God will feel about me lying to important people within my church (do I have to do something else other than ask for forgiveness?).

Also, let's just respect that your Presbyterian church doesn't mean anything about mine.
Pray to God to send His Holy Spirit to guide you (I believe He already is guiding you). Confess it to your pastor and if you feel convicted to confess it to others then do so. The truth will make you free:) John 8:32. If your fellow brothers and sisters condemn you then that simply is not the church for you as they are not genuine Christians. Hope this helps. God bless.