I Love the lord with all my heart

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I Love the lord with all my heart

Please pray for me christian forum i am a 45 yrs old female and still can't seem to get it right, you would think by now i would be out there discipiling people, but i'm still struggling with certain things, i always wanted to open up a school and teaching center for inner city kids to encounter the christ i once encountered. but i'm always on casino web sites playing the free slots or chewing tobacco because i don't smoke anymore, i'm always bouncing from church to church because i feel someone has offended me, but there is one church that i don't feel that way when i go to it, but i completely stop going because my husband tried to go with me a few times but he stop going. i'm so embarassed to say that i'm confused
Hi Katrina,

Welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear that you are having such a struggle. Sadly the struggle will continue until you make a firm decision that you want to put God first in your life. He will not take second place.

Once that decision is made I believe that you will need to sit down with a strong, mature local Christian preferable either a Pastor or a trained Christian Counselor and with their help work through the various issues. This will be hard work but I can promise you that it will be well worth the effort.

As a start I suggest that you make contact with the Pastor of the church you mentioned where you felt comfortable (provided it is indeed a bible believing Christian church) and ask him if you can arrange an appointment for a chat.

There is no need to be embarrassed that you stopped attending. Your phone call will tell him that you are seeking help.

God bless you


That is sound advice:). I will keep you in my prayers.

Welcome to the forum, Katrina! This is a wonderful place full of love and there are many people here with a lot of wisdom. Housesitter and Boanerges to mention two!
Housesitter has given you some very good advice and would echo what he said.
Also, Katrina, it is awkward to go to church by yourself. I know it was for me when I first started doing that. But your spiritual growth is very important. Please find a way to go, even if its by yourself.
Stop by the Coffee House sometime, and have a cuppa!
thank you guys for your firm advice, i love gods people because they are a people after his heart, i believe god place me here for a reason, please keep praying for me.



Welcome to the forum where you will find a refuge from the storms of life.

Jesus Christ is here.
Welcome Katrina....

I am sorry that you feel confused; we all do at times. Don't let the "what should be"s get to you.This is a great place to chat and work things out.
Blessings in Jesus my sister.
Keep God first in your life, If you have God on your side then what can happen?

Romans 8:31 says What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

Trust the Lord. He wont let you down.

Psalms 25:4-5
Show me your ways, o Lord
Teach my your paths
Lead me in your truth and teach me
For you are the lord of my salvation
On you i wait all the day.

Lifes not easy but theres someone with you at all time. Does he not say "I will never leave you or forsake you"? What ever is thrown your way resist tempation. Block those website that are casino. Have a freind block them and use a password that they wont tell you therefore getting ride of the tempation. For the tabbacco seek help get away from it. let your only addiction be to God.
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