I need help to find inner peace!!

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I need help to find inner peace!!

Hi.. I have a huge, maybe a bit freaky problem... I think im crazy or something :(

See... I have these fantasies.... I wanna be strapped down, and be hurt and forcefully raped by someone... I want people to hurt me, to cut into me and experiment on me... I've engaged in some of these acts, and I masturbate furiously some times :(

But now I'm starting to feel so guilty, almost ill because of it, and I dont know how to stop it... I cant control my fantasies, and I keep promising myself and god that I'll stop... but then my fantasies become so bad that I crave them and i can think of nothing else.

I've been practising voodoo in the past, i dont know if this has got anything to do with it, but i wasnt this bad before that.... Sometimes my fantasies become so v icious that they seem almost real, like someone really is there physically hurting me....

Please, I've talked to some people but they just tell me that some people just have sexual fantasies like these... But im so afraid that god is gonna punish me and send me to hell for what im doing :( Im so afraid pleas help!

Pastor Gary

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Kattyy - You may wish to speak with a Christian Minister in your local area. There is always a chance that a demonic or evil spirit has taken over and you need assistance to rid yourself of that entity. Any Christian can order out a demon or evil spirit in the name of Jesus Christ, but your belief must be strong to do so - that is why sometimes it is best to have an elder in the ministry assist with this. If you are not comfortable with that procedure, then I would suggest that you contact the Health Services Department at any of the following locations for a consultation:

Royal College of General Practitioners ( Copenhagen , Denmark )
University of Copenhagen ( Copenhagen , Denmark )
University of Odense ( Odense , Denmark )

You could also consult with your family physician for a referral to a specialist in dealing with your situation.

Here in the Forum, we can not provide medical or psycological consultation due to strict regulations governing such matters and the international liability issues that goes with it; that is why we suggest local resources in your own home area. A situation such as yours needs professional intervention and any information that you would get from members here would be insufficient and in some cases, unlawful. This forum follows strict guidelines and will edit out any replies to anyone requesting assistance with medical or psycological issues. Those issues are best left to those, in your own area, who are trained to assist both professionally and legally and have local resources at their disposal. Please seek the help that you are asking for in your local community and we will pray for resolution.
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