I need some constructive criticism

I need some constructive criticism

Hey everyone!

God bless you all.

I need some help, I need some constructive criticism for my website. (I hope this is OK, not trying to advertise or anything, just trying to make the site more user friendly.)

If y'all don't mind could you create an account, login and poke around and post your feedback, that would help a ton.

God bless you all and thank you very much,
Hey John :)

I assumed this was the links on your signature.
I went:
If I may ask:
Why should I register?
the purpose of the site does not seem obvious to me at first page.
there's quite a few things in there, and it seem interesting, but there's no billboard saying 'jump in'. It looks more like a personal site. Maybe you could put a slogan below your top logo, to sum up the purpose of your net presence.

The visitor has 2 seconds to decide if they want to stay there or not, so you must show two well opened arms with a big carrot in between :)

I see some stats and infos about a forum, but I still don't really know what it is about. Then I scroll down, and I see some Christian stuff. What? I though this was a computer site....?!?

Ok, I think it's a christian community talking about computers.
My question remains though:
Why should I register?
Thank you for your suggestion...

Thanks so much for that tip.

I went ahead and did what you suggested. Threw up a simple HTML block for now. WIll advance on it once I get more time.

Please cehck back with it and please post more when you can.

Thanks so much again and God bless,
Keep the stuff comming... working on learning more HTML so I can condence the site mroe but loose none of the content. Figured out how to create a navigation drop down menu system. That will help a lot.
Hye everyone,

Thanks for the assistance.

Have a question for ya's...

I have a drop down menu in the top right of the website...

Would you like this menu to be stationary... if you scroll down a page it won't move.


Would you like it to be stationary but move with you while you scroll.


Would you like to be able to move it around, out of your way?

Thanks for the help you all.

God bless,
Personally, I prefer non-static stuff.

Statics (that which moves with you) tend to impose their presence overmuch. Besides not every browser can take them, so if you want to appeal to as many users as possible, it's best to use standars over statics.......I think. :)

If you insist on using statics, I think it's best using one you can pull in and out at will, but static is static whatever, and I tend not to stay too long on a page that has one.
Nice site. My two cents:
- The initial welcome is a little too small and text-heavy. I know you were still working on this part, so I will reserve any more comment until you say it's good to go.
- Why register? I realize you want to gain a following/community to talk computers, but you also want surfers to see what you have to offer (i.e. downloads)--maybe have people be able to see your downloads, but register only if they want to download them
- On the Nav Menu... I was a little confused at first, because it doesn't look like a traditional menu. I'm still not sold, again my 2 cents, but I would prefer a traditional menu where you can see all of your options without the drop-down. But if you are keeping the dropdown menu, I would like to see it move down as I scroll.
(sylvanus--doesn't "static" mean something that doesn't move, as opposed to "dynamic", stuff that moves??? )

anyway, good site...Dave
(sylvanus--doesn't "static" mean something that doesn't move, as opposed to "dynamic", stuff that moves??? )
Hee Hee Hee
Yes, in standard terms.
In net content though, static means that it stays on view, no matter where you scroll.
Dynamic moves, but within the confine of a prescribed place on a page. You scroll down, and it disappear. :D

Thanks for the advice.

I went ahead and made the navigation menu fixed so it scrolls with you. Makes it eaier to notice and find you place.

The purpose with using the nav menu was to cut down on how much content the user has to look at.

Yes, my welcome is a little text heavy. I will work on that but please, don't be reserved. Throw all of it at me. I can handle it.

Any other suggestions?

God bless and thanks everyone!
Funny thing is that I had to change the CSS code to say 'fixed' as opposed to absolute or static. I 1st thought to use static... did the same thing as absolute. Fixed worked out well.
Well kind of depends on you...

I went ahead and copied several english version of the Bible as well as the bible in different languages...


If you like IRC chatrooms also have one of those...


In the Downloads section I have several useful utilities as well as some ISOs...


And if you like math I have several conversion utilties...


Some of the above require for you to be logged in...