I need some help.....

I agree with Jim the Lord will provide the avenue to and the opportunity. Let the Lord lead it is He who prepares the heart and draws them to Him. Just as He did me and you. Being still and letting God be God is a tough thing for me to do.....I will be praying the Lord will prick his heart, break his pride and bring him humble in spirit to Him.

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I have read through everybody's responses and they are all great advice. Not much more that I can add to this but whatever God is leading you to do, follow through with it. You are in my Prayers, Brother.
Welcome Pathwalker,
I am glad you decided to become a member of this family here at CFS and all I can say is kick off your shoes and make your self at home and begin to get to know each other. If you have any issues the staff here is awesome and seems to always make things work.
Have a very wonderful and blessed 2015
When I was in the Air Force, they told us that they do not care if someone tried a particular drug once, but if they tried it twice they were considered addicted.
In a strange way, I can see their logic.
My point is, that the drug taker may be addicted to it. In that case, the best recovery from an addiction is to have a personal desire for recovery. That is, they must want recovery for themselves, not for other people, places, things, or situations. In this way, they cannot blame other than self if they are looking for a scapegoat, or a reason to compromise.
So, how can somebody help an addict to stop taking drugs? The best thing to do is to inform them as to where they can get help, like a rehab. Then they cannot claim ignorance. Then it is up to them to seek that help all by themselves. This usually happens when they hit a rock-bottom.
I know this sounds tough, but it is tough-love that seems to work the best.