I Need Support from Everyone Here

I Need Support from Everyone Here

After writing my memoir dealing with child abuse and the terrible aftermath from its effects, I was quickly discouraged to find out that in order for a literary agent to represent me I must have a platform (popularity) or a large audience.

You see, most publishing houses careless if you have a story is great, their main concern is, will it make them money. It's so hard trying to develop an instant platform without having connections. For a year now I have been pressing to get my story out. I just started a petition to gains an audience of people that are interested in purchasing a copy of the book.

If I can prove to the publishing houses that there are many people that are serious about reading this story, they WILL publish the book.

With that being said, allow me to share my website with you. Once you look through it you can sign the petition located there, if you choose to. You can also listen to an insert from the book. I'm no pro at reading books aloud but I tried my best.

Thank You all for taking time out to read this thread. Please help me make my dream come true!

God Bless

P.S. Tell all of friends and family too.
I am praying for you, also. I plan on self-publishing to a well-known self-publishing house.

I would suggest you do the same - it is much easier than trying to get a publisher to do it...they are only interested in the money, not if it is actually a good book.


God bless you