See for over a year I looked for christian web sights to where you could be real,no mask and just be real about your self and talk about things like the loving HOLY SPIRIT.Well sense I have discoverd this web sight I dont look any more because people on CFS really care and they dont mind people being real and they dont mind people discussing the Holy Spirit so what more can you ask for?If I need help this is where I will go,if I need advice this is the web sight I will turn to and if I just want to be open I can feel free to be just who I am here.See I believe God not only sees this web sight helping his childern but helping people grow in the lord to where we can grow closer to him and the Holy Spirit also.So who ever you are thanks for letting me share about the Holy Spirit because he always needs to be invited in nomatter what we are doing or saying.
I hear you heart's cry, the pain of those who rejected you, the longing to be accepted, and for love and fellowship with those of like precious faith.