"I see Jesus before me"

"I see Jesus before me"


Since you have come into my life,
You have lifed me up,
One day I will come and sup,
Your beauty all over you,
You have made my life anew,
The sparkle in your eyes,
The smile on your face,
I know you can not tell lies,
One day I will come to your place.

There you are in the field so green,
Your beauty is shining from you,
Like the fallen morning dew,
You are like a breath of fresh air,
All the people stop and stare,
As they have never seen,
Such beauty that fills the air.

Your kindness is all about you,
The tender word you speak,
Loving thoughts you share,
I see all of this in your heart,
How can I ever tell you,
That you mean so much to me.

I see you standing there,
So loving, warm, and tender,
I see beauty, caring and understanding,
All day long I just want to sing,
I see you standing there so neet,
I want to kneel at your feet.

:heart: Raymond :heart: