I tell myself.......

I tell myself, "I am finished!
I can't count on the Lord
to do anything for me"
Just thinking of my troubles
and my lonely wandering
makes me miserable
that's all I ever think about
and I am depressed".

Then I remember something
that fills me with hope
the Lord's kindness never fails
if he had not been merciful
we would have been destroyed.

The Lord can always be trusted
to show mercy each morning
deep in my heart I say,
The Lord is all I need
I can depend on Him.

The Lord is kind to everyone
who obeys and trusts him
it is good to wait patiently
for the Lord to save us,
when we are young
it is good to struggle hard
and to sit silently alone.

From the bottom of the pit
I prayed to you, Lord,
I begged you to listen
"Help! I shouted, "Save me!"
You answered my prayer
and came when I was in need,
You told me, "Don't worry!"
You rescued me
and saved my life.

you have just read from Lamentations chap.3