I think its time!

I think its time!

Its time to plant seeds in to people, to help them see the madness in the world...
You dont have to look far to see it - if you are looking...
Sadly worldly people are oblivious to it.
A simple comment may plant a seed and make them start questioning things in a deeper way....

I know why they call salvation being free, because you are!!!
Free from being a slave to the world and sin... freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
But the world makes people view this as becoming a slave, when in reality they are already the slaves!! slaves of the rich, slaves of evil.

Help people to see, with comments about the madness of the world.
and I dont mean throw scripture at them, coz they wont listen...
A simple question.
Heres a little example:
"Hey why did the US let all them families suffer and spent 700 billion bailing out banks"
"There is only 220million people in the USA, are you saying they couldn't spare 1 billion to help the families"

I dont know, I just find that pointing out things seems to make people think hmmm.