I was prayed over and prophesied over at church =]


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Hey all -
As most of your know, I will be going to Elim Bible Institute for ministry in 8 days! Woohoo. Anyways, I asked my pastor if he could pray for me. So today, he did in front of the congregation! He prayed for 3 college students. Me, another guy who is going to go to the same college as me, and another girl. He opened up for the congregation, if they had a word of prophecy, to speak it over us.

My pastor prayed for each of us individually. When he got to me, he prayed for godly friends that will surround me (which i've been praying for!), and he prayed for discernment for me to see who my true friends are. He also prayed for the joy of the Lord to be my strength, and that will become my consistent strength in the months to come.

A woman that I know, got up from her seat after my Pastor prayed. She came to me and said, "Katie, God created you as an indivudal. And he's got so many plans for you. You are going to start ministering to women. And you are going to be an evangelist! You will lead so many people to Christ." (At this point, I started crying. I'm so excited. I knew God wanted me to minister to women!!!! =] =]).

I feel great and so excited to see what God has in store for me =] =] =]
And i will obviously keep all of you updated :)