I Was Tempted To Call This "soul Food," But Let's Just Call It "corn Bread."

For me, I'd choose an onion gravy.

Trying to bring Guinness in to things. Porter cake:

7fl oz Guinness
6oz butter
1lb mixed fruit
grated zest and juice of one orange
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
3 beaten eggs
10oz plain flour
2tsp mixed spice

Put butter, fruit and orange and Guiness into a large saucepan, slowly bring to the boil. Turn down heat and simmer for 15 mins. Cool for 10.

Stir in bicarb (froths a lot)
Strir in eggs
Add flour and mix well

Pour into a baking tin and sut some flaked almonds and demorera sugar on top.

Bake for 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hrs.

The result should be a nice moist tasting fruit cake.

Tez, I'd fogotten about this one when we mentioned a blackcurrant drink (which is alcohol free). My mother does make this one and it does contain some alcohol.
Yield not to temptation.

So I have never liked corn bread. Didn't like my momma's. Didn't like our southern relatives'. Didn't like it in any restaurant down South, southern Midwest, and certainly do not like on the northern West Coast. Down South, it was too dry. In the Midwest, lots of different kinds and none were good. On the northern West Coast, they make it sweet! Like cake! Ewww! It's like eating grainy cake! -- And that's part of the cornbread problem: the texture.

However, my family came from the South. I also lived in Mississippi for 3.5 years. I choose to live in the North West, and would not change that, but I want to embrace my southern roots. I have even, over the last couple years, embraced writing "y'all" and I would say "y'all," if I thought of it. Further, over some years, I have actually embraced, and I celebrate, some of the southern attitudes -- the sweet ones, anyway, not the other outmoded ones, of course.

I don't like most soul food with the exception of grits, which I love. Don't like collards. Don't like buttermilk. Don't like "greens." Don't like turnips unless they are raw. WON'T eat pig or use pig grease. (Not kosher, but also, think: Robert Pickton.) Won't eat catfish or crawfish (not kosher). Had some hushpuppies in Minnesota that I really liked. Anyway....

So I keep thinking, "I should like cornbread." I want to like cornbread! I mean I really want to. So I am set on this adventure to like it.

I bought two cast iron pans and treated them: a little pan divided for 8 sections of pie-shaped cornbread and a Dutch oven for cornbread and other foods. I followed the instructions for seasoning cast iron, but I am so unsure that they are treated correctly.

My reason? They both still have thick areas of the oil in the bottom. And when I scraped at them, the scraping raised red (!!) crumbly stuff. Yes, I scrubbed at them initially, because I read that when new, they are covered in a wax. I never saw wax: I just did what they said to do. Then I rubbed on peanut oil and put them in the oven at 450 degrees F for an hour. I let them cool completely then did it again twice more. Thought I was ready to bake in them -- but the red crumbly stuff....

I am thinking I will bake cornbread this Wednesday (tomorrow) anyway. We can throw away any parts of the crust that have red stuff, and maybe that will clean the pan finally.

Thinking that I will flavor the cornbread with taco seasoning, finely chopped onions and bell pepper, and some whole kernel corn. Thought I would put yogurt in it. Serve it with butter. Maybe I will like it then.

I bought a cast iron not too long ago. I seasoned it a few times before I started using it. Now I can scramble eggs on that thing without even using oil. Awesome! I'm going to season mine again using avocado oil. It's my new favorite oil.

Also, never ever put soap on it.
I have taken many a food that people would turn their nose up at and make it something they crave.

If you hate a food, it is most likely because it was not prepared right.

I hated Brussels Sprouts because my mum used to cook them traditional. X's at the bottom, stuck in a pot boiled to olive drab.

But when I learned these lil gems were cabbage, well then slaw, stir fry and quick cooking methods were the order of the day.

There is always a solution for poorly cooked food.

This is true. My wife use to hate mexican food. I said what mexican food have you had? She said Taco Bell and Chevy's. Well, that's why you hate mexican food. I started making home made mexican food, and she loves it now.
Never liked regular hominy either. Does it always come in cans? Can it be bought some other way? I'm just not into canned vegetables.

As for gloves, I have a pair of those "OveGloves." http://www.asseenontv.com/the-ove-glove/detail.php?p=295536 In my opinion, they are better than any of my other gloves, but they, too, have their limits.

Is there any way lima beans can be made edible? I got many, many spankings over lima beans. . . . No, don't bother. Not gonna eat them. Not even when someone calls them "butter beans." NOT, NOT, NOT! I'll throw them behind the washing machine as I did when a child! Only problem with that is they would be awfully hard to clean up back there at my house!