I will not let you go without blessing me

Sometimes its not like arguing with God but reasoning with Him.
Abraham did this when God said he was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. He kind of bargained Him down to save at least ten people. Of course God knew that Abrahams nephew lived there.

What is wrestling anyway...its testing your strength. When you arm wrestle with an opponent its a challenge and yes God is always going to win, but the point of it is how long can you endure?
I was thinking on this how Jacob took the blessing that was actually meant for Esau from his dad Isaac.
In the same way, Jacob really needed God to bless him but he needed to I suppose, 'remind Him' about it. Its not that God withholds blessings. Its that that particular blessing, the firstborn blessing, was meant for the firstborn (Esau) and Jacob was not the firstborn. However Esau gave up his birthright blessing if you remember for a pot of stew.

After Jacob was blessed God changed his name to Israel.