I will worship you

Apr 18, 2009
Metro Manila
I will worship you

:) :)
I will worship you,
With all my strength,
Lord, I will give you,
All my life, all my love,
Jesus you are eveything,
I can not go on without you.

You are with me as I sleep,
I know your love keeps me out of the deep,
You said you will never leave me,
Jesus I know that you are here,
It is you Lord that I want to be near.

With your love you guide me,
Your hand shows me the way,
Help me Lord to turn back to you,
I know you want to make me anew,
Mould me, shape me,
As I'm only clay.

ramon 8/5/09 :fish: :israel:
Heb. 13;5. ....Never will I leave you;
Never will I forsake you"