I would like to accept God into my life, but...



I would like to accept God into my life, but...

I feel like at this stage in my life, I would be unable to resist consciously sinning. What I mean is, I am a teenager, I enjoy partying, and all that. I don't think that I would be able to stop doing that right now. Is it a sin to believe in God, but not to follow his rules/ have a good christian lifestyle until I am more mature? Am I condemned no matter what at this point?
I hope this question makes sense. I'm so confused, I feel like I might as well give up on even believing, and go to hell for it.


Hi- I find your questions quite sensible. As far as what is sin you are already being convicted or you would not be here asking that question. God is drawing you from condemnation to freedom and joy but it is up to you to choose.
Let me tell you about a young man. He drank from the moment he got up and did all the drugs he could get. He rode motorbikes like a wild man and really did not care if he lived or died. If he was going to live though he was going to do it partying.
One day that young man knelt down and prayed; Jesus became so real to him that he could only hunger for more of Him. That young man did not try to give up drinking and drugging but the just lost their appeal paling in comparison to what he had just found.
That young man- well that was me some 30 years ago. What I found to be true then (and still do now) is all the things I thought I would never want to give up were just my feeble attempts to satisfy the emptiness that a man has in his soul. Ever striving for a "good time" or an adrenaline rush to fill that void I found myself empty again needing something more.
What I found was an awesome God who loved me, created me to fellowship with Him and spared no expense to open the way to Himself.
What I found was a Holy God who's very presence is so mind blowing that angels who have stood before Him for countless millennia are still so overwhelmed that all they can do is say to each other "whoa- did you see that- Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God almighty who was and is and is to come". If you spent eternity in His presence you would only just scratch the surface of His beauty.
Looking back I wonder what I was thinking when I foolishly thought I would "miss out" on something by finding God. It is a wise man indeed who seeks the Lord before wasting his life foolishly. It is a wise man indeed who prays and asks Christ to be his Lord and King.
It is only when man comes into union with God that he really has the power to change. The world tries to change a man from the outside saying don't do this and don't do that- Jesus works from the inside out changing the heart. In this loves union the power of God works in a man setting him free to be the person he was truly created to be.
If that sounds like it is for you I encourage you to pray the following prayer:

Father I know I have sinned, I know I need forgiveness. Thank You for sending Your Son Jesus to take my place, paying for the penalty of my sin on that cross. I know accept Jesus sacrifice as my own. Thank You that Jesus took on my sin that I might receive His righteousness as my own. Jesus live and dwell in my heart, be my Lord and King. I thank You Lord that my old life is over and I will never be the same. In Jesus wonderful Name I pray, amen.

If you prayed that prayer then Christ has come into your heart. He will change you from the inside out. Seek out a bible believing church, read the Word of God and learn how to talk (pray) to God. He is interested in every aspect of your life from the biggest to the smallest He wants to be a part of them all.

Many blessings in Jesus Name,
brother Larry.

I've got some really bad news for you.
If you truly want to be a Christian, the first thing you have to do is to stop sinning.

Christians are all perfect and none of us sin once we find Jesus. If you do continue to sin after you find Jesus, then you really didn't find Jesus. None of us in here, (the ones who are truly saved that is) continue to sin. :rolleyes:

Now....... I don't know who told you that you would have to be able to completely resist sin in order to follow Christ, or that you couldn't party like a responsible teenager, or who led you to believe that you may as well give up and go to hell,.... but that is as rediculous as the statements I just made to you in jest. :)

The fact is, that you sound very much like a man I greatly respect. His name was Martin Luther. Luther was raised in the Roman Catholic belief that some people (Especially Popes) were perfect, unable to sin, and infallable because they had faith in God.

Luther wanted to be a fine Christian and a solid representative of Jesus, but he soon found that his sin nature continued to haunt him. He even joined a monistary. (Talk about getting any opportunity to sin out of your life.) ;)

Well, guess what? Luther continued to sin. He still had problems with forgiveness, with lustful thoughts, with anger, all of the things you and I and every single human being on the face of this earth struggle with.

He was about to give up too. He even wrote down many statements much like the one you just made about giving up and just going to hell. He understood, (Like you do) that he couldnt be perfect. In fact, someone had told him that Popes were completely without sin, (Along with a great number of other heresies) and he knew that these were lies as well, so he figured that he wasn't really even a Christian.

Then he studied Romans.
Romans 5:8 to be more specific.

And that was when he understood.

That it isn't about what YOU can do for Jesus my friend in Christ. :)

It is all about, what Jesus HAS done for you!!! :groupray:

Would you like to hear more?
You see, once you realize that it all comes from God, and not from you, or me..... then the blessings really begin to flow,.... and you will stop sinning.

Not out of obligation, but rather out of love for Christ. And as you start living your life in ways that are pleasing to Christ, not because you HAVE to, but because you want to out of your love for Him.....

Oh,...... That's when it gets REALLY Great! :D


While I agree we need our heart broken over our sin we can never be free from sin without the resurrection power of Christ first working in our lives. The natural man quite frankly can never accomplish this.
As a wise man once said " you don't need to get cleaned up to take a bath".
If you accept Christ into your life He takes you just as you are right now no matter what you have done or where you have been. You do need to repent and trust God to help you change from the moment you say "yes" to him. You don't need to work your way up to that and try to be perfect all on your own. It is a little like marriage in the commitment. You say, "I do." and then the married relationship begins. In accepting Christ the relationship will last, not until death do you part, but eternally.

I accepted Christ when I was a teenager after a friend took me to a Youth for Christ meeting. I wouldn't go up front when they called others; but the preacher's words gave me something to think about. I decided to ask Jesus to be my savior later after I got home that night. It was a very long time ago..and there was later a time in my 30's when I recommitted my life to Christ. Anyway, even though I have been in the ministry for many years I know that I am not perfect; that God continues to work on me, and that I am loved just as I am..

Faith is a gift. You have to ask. It is there for you. God knows your heart. If you take a leap and trust in what you cannot easily understand or see..He will give grace. As it goes right now -- can you say that things are right with you and God? The only one who can make it right is Christ.. It is why he died..to make us right with God..you and me and everyone on this forum too!

God bless you and thanks so much for stopping in here to share.
Christianity and sins don't go together. If you become Christian, that means you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior because of what he has done for you and because you love him. And the point is, if you love someone, you won't do anything that dislikes, right? This is the same with Jesus. If you really love him, you'll obey his rules. Not because you have to, but because you love him.

Once if you are Chrisian, you don't feel comfortable with sin anymore, believe me. Step by step you will not fell good sins anymore.

I am also a Christan and also a young person. I can tell you, you won't miss anything. I enjoy our services and youth meetings a lot more than any party.

By the way, there is nothing wrong with parties in general, of course you should check what kind of party it is and if it is a "clean" party.

I would reccomend you to visit a Christian church in your area, where you can find many teenagers and people in your age. Just talk to them, I'm sure you'll get all your questions answered.

So finally the decision is yours. You can choose either to sin or to accept Jesus and become saved and live a life in joy. And there is nothing better than the latter.


I am going to post an alternate view to this thread. I was going to register, but I did not fully agree with the Statement of Faith, and decided to forgo the registration.

I can completely sympathize with what you're feeling, as the vast majority of people that were raised in or around Christianity have felt the same way many times. I was raised in a strong Christian household, and for the first twenty years of my life considered myself a Christian.

But it never really seemed to flow for me. It wasn't a matter of never having given my heart to God, or a lack of faith, it was simply a matter of logic for me. I just couldn't understand this 'sin' concept.

This is the way I see it now: your life should not be governed by guilt. You should not worry about not having a relationship with God due to activities outside of church. Am I condoning what would be considered sin? No, I am not. You should live your life as a responsible, law-abiding person. You should seek to be healthy, happy, and sincere.

You should not come running to God because of guilt. You should not be trusting someone else with your happiness.

In essence, this is part of a much larger argument. I just wanted to say that if you're worried about guilt, then consider that it may not be correct.
Im also a teenager and i also struggle with sin, but i believe that once someone is saved God changes that person he gives that person a new heart, once God changes a persons heart that doesn't mean you stop sinning but you will slowly start to love the things that God loves and hate the things that God hates, so you will slowly grow in repentance because you start to die from your old self.