Idolatry & Lust vs. Constancy

Idolatry & Lust vs. Constancy

Continued from Disappointment vs. Thankfulness...

Now the twin demons have a younger sister, Queen Jezebel

She is the seductive hand-maiden of the Baal of hell.

In the shadow of her brothers first subtle works
She enters the hearts of men and quietly there she lurks.

She corrupts appreciation for what God does deliver.
Encouraging focus on the gift, rather than the Giver.

Implanting a notion that one cannot do without.
That life owes everything: a form of spiritual pout.

Gradually corrupting the gifts as well as the receiver,
Until she holds a person's passion – pitched to a fever.

But once her power is confirmed, she loses her inhibition,
Demanding open rebellion and works of dark sedition.

And whoever she cannot gain through her simple plan.
She uses her power to silence – employing her adoring clan.

This screech-owl tempter wants nothing less than to steal every field.
And to control its cultivation, and to claim it's rancid yield.

Rendering them all into modern Akeldama's
As on Judas' field of blood, she inflicts severe traumas.

Conceited, jealous, and spiteful she will go to any length
Over the un-thankful she wields her greatest strength.

Holy marriage and intimacy sends her into a rage.
So she sends her minions out to battle and engage.

Fornication, Adultery, and Homosexuality are the intended effects
When her addiction-to-pleasure idolatry successfully infects

The fields produce great bounty to feed every soul on Earth
But it is only in their corruption that she finds any worth:

Binge-alcoholism and narcotic drug addictions
Bring her greater glory, and man greater afflictions.

The gifts of God are not for covetous gluttonous gorging
Following her, corrupts His feast into nothing but an orgy.

Since times of old, it has been said, "commit not adultery"
But already have you done this in lusty gazes, wanton and sultry.

It hath been said divorce is as simple as a giving your wife a writ;
But in doing so you cause her & future lovers to adultery commit.

Even the products of man's great God-given ingenuity
Jezebel perverts into a 'must-have' 'Consumerist' incongruity.

How we treasure the latest from the Versace's, Sony's, and Ikea's
Our desire for the newest-best replaces many charitable ideas

Even Man's curious willingness to think-outside-the-box,
Is used to lead him into the service of this cunning fox.

How addicted are we to her seductive philosophies,
Proud libertarian ideals instead of true philanthropies.

So remember the lesson of Martha, the rich youth, and of Phillipi.
There is only One Thing you truly need: salvation. On God alone rely.