If Anyone Knew I Was New

Hi, I am a new member here. Not as new as being manufactured in a warehouse the other day ago.
Well I usually like ot start off with my sense of humor as it is often a part of my personality.

But I am much Honest and straight forward when I post or talk to other people. . ok I am known though to ramble at times saying more things than I really had to. So I try if I can to shorten some of my longer versions of answers. . kind of posting reminds me of working at WJM with Mary, Lou, Murray and Ted in the News rooms. You know always looking for the latest stuff. And yet as Ted we all can see some of our own mess ups and laugh at at ourselves when needed. . but honestly like others I do try to come up with the best answers I can think or look into. . sometimes I am right and sometimes I am not. Some of my statements may be good and others not so much. I have both good and bad days. .

This thinking comes from following sports such as Baseball and Football which we have to look at things on a real level of our understanding. In sports teams do good and others not so well. Any good team has a bad day. And any bad teams also has good days. Take each game at a time or take one day at a time. . never let one loss bring you totally down. But never let one win to fill you with too much pride and too much confidence. Just be ourselves the way God wanted us to be. So all I can just say I will try my best and just see what happens. Also in time I hope I get acquainted to know other members to make friends as brothers and sister in Christ Jesus. your new friend armor.

Ps I have no relation to Armor All. I am not about doing tires.