If anyone needs a great domain, christiangoodness.com needs a good Christian home

If anyone needs a great domain, christiangoodness.com needs a good Christian home

Greetings fellow Christians,
Originally, I purchased this domain and some others to build sites about Christian devotional practices, but I have come up with some health issues that are causing me to struggle financially, so it has become too difficult for me to pay for hosting.

www.christiangoodness.com is now up for offering. This is a perfect domain name for anyone who has been wanting to create a Christian related website whether it be for business, social, or communication purposes. Even if you already run your own websites, this would be the perfect domain to expand your coverage and reach more viewers. By purchasing this domain, you will be listed as the domain owner and will have full control of the domain. After negotiation of the sale price, upon completion of your purchase, you'll only be responsible for paying the annual lease fee with the registrar, which is around $8.47 annually. The site does not come with hosting. You'll have to find a host for it, and then you can put whatever you want on the site. If you're interested or have any questions, please send a contact email. Also, you may go directly to the URL www.christiangoodness.com and there are details on how to purchase through the domain broker I have it listed with.

Anyway, if you can provide a new home for this fantastic domain, please contact myself or the broker to make an offer. Thanks so much.
God bless!
Thank you freedomforce for the offer, and we are truely sorry to hear about your health issue and your financial struggle.

We would like to advice participants to not communicate about this offer via Pms, but ONLY through private email. The Christian Forum site cannot be held responsable as a mediator of any possible disagreement potentially resulting from this financial transaction.

We would also remind members of the Rules and Regulations:
:cross: Personal Details - Postal address or email address

Do not give your personal details such as postal address or email address to anyone except the admin. If someone happens to annoy you through email or pm, notify the moderators or the admin immediately and we will notify the respective authorities about this behavior. By any chance, do not reply to unknown emails.
This is not meant as a discouragement regarding the opening post, but as a reminder toward sound wisdom.

Many thanks