If the Ancient People Had Internet

If the Ancient People Had Internet

That one would be one interesting network. :p

Here are the Ancient Internet Providers!

Egypt and most of Africa -
Rome, Greece, and those parts of Europe -
Europe II (Gaul [France], Norway, and Great Britian in those times)
GloriHost/Section II
Asia Minor

These are the ends of their URLS - vary by host

For DHeatNet ~
For GloriHost ~
.uuuu (obviously, the Roman Senate used this one)
.wi (kind of like Wiki...without the wiki)
^ GloriHost Section II used all of the above with their own for the region
.cold (XD)
For RedragoonNetWorld ~

These are their search engines...

FRUUGLE (This was the most popular - an ancient version of Google...with better service

YUHOO (This was the 2nd Most Popular - it's a mix of AOL and Yahoo...they had email - Julius Ceaser had his email address here...under a different "name")

ALLOA (No one used this one expect the restaurants since the provider was cheaper than Fruugle. From reviews, no one prefered it and the restaurants finally caught on how bad it was so ALLOA was only used by the country bumpkins who couldn't get the good connection)

The websites were mostly blogs and online libraries. Obviously, the Romans liked to terrorize their citizens with frightening blog posts that would be considered quite minor to ous...

"...We're going to raise taxes to anyone who doesn't like ALLOLA, or protests against it..."

^ Yeah, that's what the Romans did when the Collisuem was closed "Due to lack of employment".

Also, they even had their own You Tube, but it wasn't very much of a video central. They had little people running around recording events and then they would post it on "YuWorld" and everyone who could read would read there. Neat, huh?


That's a whole other story.