If you could choose....

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Yo, Banarenth...

Originally posted by Banarenth:

"You poor, deranged, misguided people..."

Yup, that's us, allright... And we can only blame it all on the lyrics to that good old Country song entitled,

"Home, Home, on De Range..."

Why else would we want to visit a state that has 200 percent summer humidity, heat indexes off the chart, geckos crawling around everywhere, 'gators the size of small cars, cockroaches that can be harnessed to a kid's wagon to pull them around the block and traffic problems that make New York City look like an old country road?

Yup, we must be De Ranged... (LOL) :dance:

But the central Keys are SOOOO nice.... and so is most of the Gulf Coast side!!
You poor deranged, misguided people. Those of us who live in Florida spend our entire lives just trying to figure out how to get out and go...ANYWHERE. And you guys want to get in. :p
My wife and I lived in the St Augustine area and would have stayed there if I could have found a job. We ended up in East Tennessee.

Given a choice, we move to Maine or Colorado.