I'm close to tears!


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I'm close to tears!

I am so stressed. I am so close to breaking down and CRYING. This is so ridiculous and I'm getting sick of doing this semester after semester after semester.

So I'm part of a program called VESID. It help me pay w/ the college. When classes are finished and once you register for classes for the next semester, you have to call VESID and provide all the information. Such as grades and the bill, so that they can pay it. The bill is due December 31. If the bill is not paid, then I will be dropped from my classes.

So I usually have problems every semester. Last year, I was dropped due to my counselor not listening to me and paying the bill on time.

I called my counselor to tell her that I'm done and that I've emailed you EVERYTHING. Guess what? She's not in her office until JANUARY. So I had to call her supervisor to do this whole thing. I called her 6-7 times yesterday, trying to get a hold of her. This supervisor is retiring on Wednesday, so I'm trying to get everything set up before she leaves. On the seventh call, I finally was able to get a hold of her. She said she'll call my college and pay my bill yesterday.

So I called my college today to see if the supervisor called. She didn't. So now, I'm trying to get a hold of her again.

These people don't listen! Because when this supervisor leaves tomorrow, I have to go through everything from scratch. It's getting ridiculous. Why can't they just listen? It makes me very angry!

Can you guys please pray that everything will work out?
i'm so sorry you're going through this. I call these darts from satan. He throws them at us hoping that we will get discouraged and give up. I know from reading your posts, that you have the faith to get through this. Rebuke satan in the name of Jesus and continue to do whatever it is you have to do to further your education. It will all be worth it in the long run. Don't give up, give satan a black eye and in the name of Jesus tell him to take a hike.

I'm praying that this will get resolved for you Sis.

Blessings, Cheri
I am praying that the Lord give you favor with who you need and the way be made for this to get done speedily and efficiently in the name of Jesus!

Like Cheri said this is just an attack of the devil sister, but you keep your focus on the Lord and let Him see you through. Dont focus on the problem focus on the solution that is in your Lord. No matter what the Lord will see you through and He will bless you when you keep your eyes on Him and give Him glory.

love you sister,
I'll pray for you but just trust in God to take care of things for you. Talk to Him and let Him know how much this means to you. Just remember to trust Him!
Sorry the stress you are under,but I have a disabled son who receives government care.

I know the stress you are experiencing....

This is our life now...

Lord, I come to You asking You to help this young woman with her papers...

Lord, we know You are our provider,and man/woman is imperfect....

Help relieve her stress....

In Jesus' name,

Will remember you in prayer. I can understand how frustrating that might be by the way you described it.

Take care
I'm getting off the internets this very moment to pray. Putting this as the first item on the list.
Thank you so much!
And to everyone, your prayers helped! Everything is finally settled. Thank You Jesus. I did disappoint God, though. I didn't have enough "faith." And He has forgiven me...so I must not dwell on it anymore!!!!!!
And I do believe it was Satan. Oh, he was working hard. But Jesus is on MY side.
:D :D :D
Thank you so much!