Im just a humble narcissist


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May 13, 2019
I think I will have to stick to the Humour subforum for my blog style posts. less likely to get moved and less likely for people to take me seriously and therefore be offended.
I like to write journal type stuff. It might seem like self-absorption but it is a kind of therapy too.
Right now I am waiting for my car to be serviced. One more hour's wait approx.
The cost is fortunately capped. Only 140 bucks. They cap the price of a service for the first 3 years here. its a great idea. Im not looking forward to my future services. Which could well be over the 500 mark. New tyres too are another cost I will have to face soon. I used to be rich. And when I was rich I used to say "Money is not everything". Yeah well poverty isn't everything either.:)
Im gonna focus on loving myself today. Not at the expense of loving others I hope. Just I feel a cold coming on and I have to work this afternoon. Take my time. No sense in proving how tough I am. because I sure aint tough. Tough is for John Wayne types. And Im anything but a John Wayne type. Why did God make me such a wimp? I need to be a wimp who relies on God's strength instead of a wimp who relies on his own. Because I have little or none.
My wife has just finished treatment for her 3rd bout of ovarian cancer. She is terrified of mid July. Because mid July she finds out if the radiotherapy worked. If the cancer comes back or not. It is obsessing her. Her behaviour is understandably grim and sensitive. I need to be a better partner now. Much better.
Life is short. That is what getting old teaches you. When you are young you feel immortal and the future too far away to worry about. Do I worry about my legacy? Yes a bit but at the moment I can only concentrate on today and possibly next week.