I'm new here!

I'm new here!

Hi, there! My name is Teresa, and I just heard about this site today from Pastor Kristin (Thanks, Kristin!) It looks great, and I look forward to meeting some new friends. I am posting some prayer requests on the prayer forum.
God Bless!
Hi Teresa, its great having you here. We are small bunch of friendly christians. Hope you find lots of friends here. :) Hoping to hear more from you.

pm me or the moderators for help.

God bless you.
Your welcome! I am glad you decided to check out the web site! I hope you enjoy it and that it will be encouraging to you! :) I know that there are some wonderful people here!

Hello sister Teresa,

I'm so glad the Father has drawn you to
this wonderful site!

You are a blessing and I hope you are used
mightily to contribute to believers on CFS!

You've already blessed me with you just being
here! :D

I will pray for your needs that you have posted!

God Bless and keep you in His Everlasting Arms!

Set Free!
Welcome Sister. :D

This truly is a cool Christian web site. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Its true, there are some realy nice Brothers and Sisters in Christ on here.

Jesus Bless you ! :)

Glad you have joined us. If you are a parent feel free to visit the family and parent section.

God bless and welcome.