I'm new here

Ownage Baby

I'm new here

Hello all, I am Ownage Baby. You can feel free to call me Ownage, Baby, OB, or just Ryan. I'm new to this forum, but I've been around forums a good bit, and I know my way around them.

A bit about me: I'm going to be 17 in a matter of days. I used to go to public school, but got sick of the system and decided to homeschool my junior and senior year. I work in a guitar shop, and have been for a while.

Some people say that I have very progressive ideas on Christianity. It's been said that I'm both progressively conservative and liberal, but I think I just have a different way of thinking then most. I seem to have several different ideas about Christianity that are not at all mainstream, but if a person takes the time to listen to them, they really make sense. And I don't mean anything that contradicts Biblical teachings, but just my views on different things, that I think should be common sense. I'll get into them later, possibly making threads for discussing them.

Anything else? Oh yeah, I'm a freaking poet. That's right.

Also, I used to be very active on a Runescape related forum " www.runeescape.net ", but because of different circumstances that I won't get into here, I had decided it would be best to leave. Before I left, I was one of the most looked up to members of the community, and promised a moderator position when it would be open. I might end up becoming active on it again sometime in the future, and if I do, I probably will end up becoming a mod. I had the respect of virtually everyone on the forum, and I hope that I can quickly gain the respect of everyone here, too.
Hi Ryan, we are like a big family here- I hope you enjoy CFS as we are all learning and growing togeather- blessings, your brother Larry
Whenever I start to feel more comfortable in this community, then I'll start sharing some poetry with everyone here. I've already posted a topic that I believe should spawn some good discussion. I believe I posted it in the general board.
Hello, Ryan!

God's blessings to you!!!