I'm new too...

I'm new too...

A little about me...I am 32, married 12 years, 2 beautiful children, 2 puppies and one fat lazy cat. Currently in southern Indiana, but moving soon to the farmland we bought this past summer to get back to a simpler life. I accepted Jesus and was baptized in 2004, and just yesterday rededicated my life to God. I am doing my best to live a life that is pleasing to Him.
Looking forward to talking with all of you.
Welcome Steph! It is nice to have you with us. Will keep you and the family in prayer that you will have a smooth transition into farmlife.
Welcome aboard

Rooster: Why do you only say hi to the girls if you aren't flirting

Bana: I'm telling you, it's a conspiracy!

Rooster: Doesn't count as a conspiracy if you are the only one in on it!

Welcome to the forum, Steph! Stop by the Coffee House, sometime! Have a cuppa!:D