I'm Working At A Camp This Summer!


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Thanks guys for all of your prayers! I know that I posted a prayer request earlier for you guys to pray for my senior internship that I need to have for Bible school. I'm working at a Christian camp and going to be a camp counselor for teens. They just received my application, but I've been talking to the camp director for a while already because I do youth ministry at his church. So I've been in contact with him for this whole semester. The camp director is already treating me like an employee.

I'm super excited for this opportunity! Honestly, I'm probably going to have a bit more fun than the campers :p

Thanks for all of your guys' prayers!
Praising God. I'm a bit jealous, I would love to be a camp counselor. I was once a long time ago and I did have more fun than the kids.
I was a camp head cook once...quite different, but I could see the good done by counselors of dedication!
I know this is late , but CoNgRaTz !!! I know you're gonna have alot of fun, being at camp can't do nothing but have fun :) have a good one.