Imagery or the careful reading of scripture?


Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat ,please put a penny in the old mans hat .If you have not got a penny a halfpenny will do.If you have not go a h'penny God bless you .
So says a once popular Christmas song.
"Hark the herald angel sing , glory to the new born King........"
is one that will be sung allover what is called christendom and in public and by many all over the world .It will be broadcast over the radios and on the TV.
But how many will actually hearken to the message is another matter entirely .

Babies of a rule are never BORN king . They are born to be king perhaps .But never are they born king.
Jesus was born "king of the Jews "
When my firstborn son was born I was so overjoyed I followed the pattern of the Monarchy and put a notice on the window of the front of my house proclaiming his birth to the world .
When the arch angel had given the message and declared to the shepherds and by them to the world the message that the long held promise of God long foreseen and long recorded of a child born of a woman but not of Adams seed had just been born .Heaven could no longer keep its joy within its bounds and heavens banks broke and a flood of rejoicing and joy of all the host of heaven broke forth.
The promise of God given to man in the garden of Eden had now been fulfilled.
That promise which had been kept and held through all the old testament through all the failures and sins of men through all the judgments and failures of Israel in a time impossible in a place long foreseen .God kept His word .
Unto you this day in the city of David a Saviour Christ the Lord ............ Luke 2
They went "with haste" They left their sheep and went.
and saw "the BABE lying in a manger "
What I am getting to is here what the scriptures say and what man has contrived parts company.
and while what man has contrived has contrived sentiment. What the scriptures says is far more interesting and of far more import.

Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judah in the days of Herod the king .Behold there came wise men (who says three?) from the east to Jerusalem saying " where is he that is born king of the Jews ......"
It is very possible that these unknown number of wise men from the east would have heard of Jerusalem. But would never have heard of Bethlehem the least of all .Where indeed do you seek him who is BORN king save in the capital and in palaces?
"For we have seen his star in the east " and are come to worship him"

Herod asked them diligently what time the star had appeared (in the east) and having found out by the scriptures where the promise king would be born he told them and said let me know when you have found him that I may too go and worship...
Not all who come to you are seekers of light . Not even when they quote scripture or ask questions of the "yea hath God said " variety .
and the star that they had seen in the east went before them till it came and stood over "where the young CHILD was "
verse 11 and when they came into the HOUSE where the YOUNG CHILD WAS they fell down and worshiped him......"
They did not come to a stable and a manger and to a baby.
But to a house and where the young child was .
How old was the child when they arrived ?
Herod asked them very carefully when they first saw the star in the east that heralded the birth of the King of the Jews.
His subsequent actions in killing all children two years and under indirectly says the new born babe in the manger was now two years old or under and living in a house .
Those wise men then were not as oft presented from the middle east .But from the far east , For where else can they have come from that took up to two years to get from where they started to Jerusalem?
Nor does scripture sate there was three . But" gifts "
You cannot assume there were three wise men because there was three gifts.
There could have been many gifts of gold etc . Not just three specific ones of each.
They eventually departed "into their own country" by another way .
Country ; singular .
Imagery graven or otherwise in such matters never actually tells the truth in all its purity .
But mixes truth with error and by so doing "by mens traditions make the Word of God of none effect "