In case you get abducted by aliens...

Jan 15, 2008
In case you get abducted by aliens...

You may want to consider buying this:

Alien Abduction? UFO sightings? Return to tell the story! Cool new product a perfect unusual Christmas gift...

For those of you who are to lazy to click the link (hopefully you aren't)

This is a tag that you buy and put on. Long story short: If you wake up one morning to find yourself on another planet (or in some other dimension surrounded by whatever you can think of [aliens, Cat World, Hot Dog X, whatever XD]) then this should be in your "IN CASE I AM NOT HERE" pack. Show it to any space taxi cab or pilot and pray that the driver/pilot or anyother name knows where Earth is.
Jul 15, 2007
Hudson, FL
Why would I be interested in whatever it is since there are no space aliens? The only abduction that will happen to me will be when Jesus takes me home.