In Jesus all things are possible

This was an email written in 2006

My name is Peter I am a 46 year old man. I

am the product of a "MIRACLE " from which many miracles stem from. The
anniversary of my story will be the 31rst of this month. Due to memory
issues I have researched the beginning of this story with the people that
were there family, friends, doctors, and nurses. On Aug. 31 2005 at 10 pm I
called 911 apparently having chest pains, volunteer rescue arrived
shortly afterward. While being transported in the ambulance I set up and
Said, looking the man in the eyes "something is wrong" and died. I was hit
3 times with paddles in the ambulance before getting in emergency, In
emergency where I was hit more than 20 times. From the time I coded in
the ambulance 15 minutes had elapsed. Heart beating on life support I
lay-ed. My brother was called from the neighboring state, which has not seen
me in 5 years, to come and make a decision to remove me from life
support. His wife got on the phone calling everyone she knew to start
praying. My brother arrived after I had started breathing on my own. He
started praying for me he even got a lady he did not know to put hands on
me and pray with him. I remained in a coma for 55 hours. When I awoke I
appeared to be in the worst state that could be imagined. Severe brain
damage due to lack of oxygen to the brain. The outlook for any recovery
was bleak at best. My brother in a spiritual battle of his own, he was
upset that they had gone to so much trouble to bring me back to say I
would have no quality of life. He listened to things being said "he won't
be able to chew food" the word " vegetable ". He told me that regardless
what was said everything is possible through Jesus Christ. Being told I
would have to be under medical care for the rest of my life. After a
little more than 2 weeks I was moved to a nursing home in North Carolina,
still peeing in a bag and being fed through a tube. My family attended
meetings with staff. They were informed that the family should except that
I had reached plateau and this was as good as it was going to get. I was
awake but talking very little that was intelligible. I was in this place
for approximately 3 weeks, after the second or third family meeting my
family came into see me. I remember this day and very few blurbs of things
before. We communicated not all intelligible, but I remember. I remember
most from this day forward. My first physical therapy was being sat up and
falling over. Due to the brain damage I had little muscular control. I
was told "I had to learn to sit so I could be put in a wheelchair so they
could work with me". I was pushed for a while till my motor skills improved
and was able to do it on my own. After removing the bag they started
teaching me to transfer myself from bed to wheelchair to bed and back.
(FREEDOM).Physical therapy person started to work with my legs. I was told
later there was no expectation of me walking with aid much less on my own.
They were right, But everything is possible through Jesus Christ. I had
speech therapy also. I walked out of that nursing home on January 1,
2006 4 months to the day that this whole ordeal started got in my own
car and drove away. I love all the people I met and know through all
of this. They were all sent to me by the Lord who wants nothing more than
a relationship with me. I have no memories of the event of august 31,
2005, no pain, agony or anything bad. The only thing I am sure of is woke
up In God’s grace and surrounded by people who love me. My fondest memory
of all was sitting in a wheelchair outside the nursing home talking to a
lady volunteer she told me " God had a plan for me " I said "I wish I knew
what it was " she replied " you are doing it you are letting people know

"God is still performing miracles "
That is beautiful isn't it??​
What a beautiful story of recovery. In spite of all the peoples predictions GOD is the one that made you better. I agree 100% God still does miracles. I have been there done that in your situation but from a nasty motor cycle accident. As my grand daughter said to me " Your supposed to be here. God is not done with you yet" Your story humbles my heart PH8th. Something good is in our path :) Jesus
The testimony is His I am just a witness. What seemed so horrible to the world was the greatest experience of my life. I came to know what is important ...... it is not me.

I never knew love so true
Till I knew love from You
It's a gift given
Not for what I do
It's the gift of Grace
That comes from You
Thank You