In need of Help

In need of Help

Hi I have come to a point in my walk were i can no longer go without help. I have struggled with sexual sin for at least 10 years, and i just need to stop. I cant seem to muster up the will power were the temptation is staring me in the face, anytime prior i dont even think about it, but a glimpse of a provocative picture and its all downhill. In today's society i find it nearly impossible to go a day with out seeing a seductive image. Im getting married next year and i want to give my wife something worthy of her, not an adulterer. And more importantly to honour God.
Any help would be great thank you.
Signed: The defeated.


My brother, you are dealing with one of the most prevalent issues a man has to face in todays socieity- we are constantly bombarded by billboards, tv, magazines and people around us. Every man has to deal with this type of problem at one time or another and to one degree or another. First I would like to tell you that God has built in this desire in us for a good and proper reason and when used according to His plan for our life sexuality is a beautiful gift BUT when we become to focused on this (or any other thought) it begans to become an obcession- the more your focus is on these things the greater your lust becomes- the greater your lust becomes the more it wants to feed-
One day I found myself in much the same position as you- I really didn't want to be focused on sex all the time and I made attempts not to but I would always stumble and fall into the same old trap- over and over this would happen- I would try to make a stand and then seemingly crumble at almost insignifigant testing-I felt as though I had no control over my life anymore- then I heard the sweet voice of God's Holy Spirit tell me "you don't have to do this"- in my mind it seemed hopeless but God was telling me different- if I would only stop and choose to call on Him His power would come and the temptation I struggled so hard against in my own strength would simply fade away- God was reminding me of a few things:

1".I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me"- by myself I can do little or nothing but with His ressurection power working in me I can and will overcome
2."Think of things that are of good report"- fill your mind and heart with more of the things of God (bible, worship, christian books etc) and there will be less room for the things of this world
3."Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfull the lusts of the flesh"- spending time in intimate fellowship with God is the greatest cure for what ails you- this is verse of scipture that transformed my life
4.When presented with a temptation ask God to let you began to see that person with His eyes- this will change your whole outlook

I would like to share a few other things that helped me- I heard an old time preacher share this story "a young mother awoke to a sound coming from another room- she walked into the kitchen and saw the pantry door opened- who's in there she cried- its me mommy replied her 6 year old- well what are you doing in there dear the mom asked- to which the child replied- fighting temptation !" the moral of this story is "don't fight temptation in the pantry"- if movies are a problem screen them before viewing, if tv is a problem turn it off- magazines- get new ones- computer- I used to struggle with my computer but God has completely changed this a I now use it only to build up and encourage the brethren and it has become a holy thing unto God in my eyes-the scripture says it best- "make no provision for the flesh"- when the slightest temptation come IMMEDIATLY cry out to God and the whole situation will change.
If you stumble- get back up- God is willing to help- recognize that sick feeling that you have after you fail is God's conviction on your spirit- embrace that conviction for it is a sure dign that God is actively bringing you to a place were you cry out in desperation - all this is to bring you to a place of freedom
Remember God wants to "be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind"- more time with Him and more time in His Word will completely transform the way you look at not only this subject but about everything else too.
I have said alot but I would like to share one more thought with you-
the devils oldest (and sometimes most effective trick) is to make you feel dirty and unworhty- it is his plan to make it difficult for you to draw near to the only One who can really help you- be quick to confess- God is fatihful and will forgive you- He sees your struggles and will not reject you but is instead waiting with open arms- He is waiting for you to get tired of struggling in your own strength - when you walk in total dependancy on God you will not fail- remember if you could do it Jesus wouldn't have had to do it for you- draw near to Him brother- in His Name Larry

PS We are never defeated when Christ is indwelling our spirits- it is not only time for a change of thought but a change of name brother!