In The Passion of The Christ



In The Passion of The Christ

Who exactly is the person in the black hood carrying the ugly baby? Like you see while Jesus is being beaten...
It's supposed to be a depiction of the devil, or just the presence of evil.

It's the same bald-headed lady that was talking in the garden when Christ was praying at the beginning. The same one towards the end (after the crucifixion) that is in "empty hell" screaming out in anger.

If you got it on DVD, watch the extras. It'll explain more on this.

Thank you kindly, please pull forward.:)


Thanks. I rented, I'm about to watch it now. I haven't seen it in years, it'll be something else altogether now. :)


I saw it at the show it broke my heart. I bought the disc when it first came out but have not been able to bring myself to open it. A love story it is true, but it is very difficult to watch.
Mark - I think in the extras, too, they'll talk a bit about some of the strange things that happened while this film was being planned, filming, etc.

Jim Caviezel or whatever was approached on the street by an old lady and was told (in a foreign language) that he would depict Christ.

While filming the crucifixion scene, an actor was struck by lightning.

This is a good movie, I'll admit. It tells a powerful story...but I just can't agree with people in documentaries about this film when they say that this film led them to God or saved them.

The film itself has no power, remember that. It's Christ, the Son of God, Who has power.;)
I saw the lady as niether male or female, but both...........

I forgot the word for it...

My heart felt like it was exploding in my chest when I first saw the movie...

It could not have been protrayed by a better actor... And so was the Mary character...

Mel did an excellent job...

I hope ya'll out there are still praying for him...:groupray:


Mel is a Catholic I believe. He has alcohol problems and responded badly to the persecution he received making the Passion film. Still his work touched many and we need to keep him in our prayers.
What's Mel up to? Is he a Christian?
Rumors possibly he built a building like unto a Catholic Church on his property...

I do not feel he is saved however I strongly sense the Spirit of God upon him...

I believe he will get saved..................

it is now a struggle for him in the realms of good and evil.:D :) :mad:
For a while there, I kind of thought that his cheese slid off his cracker, ya know?;)

His DUI, his remarks about the holocaust and such. And then he did Apocalypse (beautiful movie, but one has to question its accuracy). The rush of looniness around him has quieted down a bit, yeah?