Industrial bands...German bands anyone???

Industrial bands...German bands anyone???

Anyone like Feindflug? They are German, metal-industrial. I love their sound, but, would really love to find some German Christian Industrial bands. I like Rammstein too. But do not know how to get the search terms right to find Christian German Industrial-metal bands.
I like bands that do not scream, but have good thrash or heavy industrial beats. Thanks!
I have always dug German music. Anything from Rammstein (who are AWESOME live) to Megaherz.

If your into Rammstein i suggest Emigrate (its the solo project of Rammsteins guitarist).

Others im into are Stahlhammer, and Eisbrecher.


Never heard of them but most of my ancestors were German so I guess I had better check them out !


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Oct 25, 2006
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Liebach is an 80's punk band, Rammstein is a modern semi-industrial band along the lines of Ministry and Skinny Puppy but not as "hard" (or blasphemous for that matter). Nina did 99 red baloons in the 80's, figured everyone had heard of her.

As for Christian industrial, I was a big fan of Vengeance before they went REALLY secular and Deliverance. Youngside records is a pretty good place to get good goth and industrial Christian music. They have good hearts, and all the guys there are great to deal with. I fell in love with Beauty from Ashes, but they are more mellow. Kinda like Bauhaus meets U2.