Heya everyone,

I just wanted to introduce my own site to you all, I'm not sure if it is allowed but if not I'm sorry.

Who are we and what do we stand for?

We are christian youth with the idea to spread the news through a forum at the internet

What do we stand for:
Inflame for God, that we are standing Inflame for His Holy Spirit.

That we are a flame in this world, we testify, so the world may see the Light.
The Light is Jesus, we are standing Inflame in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Inflame, a little light in this dark world, reflect Jesus in your world, be a light!

We want to reach everyone, no matter which age, tribe, nationality or tribe,

We already have memberse out of:
The Netherlands
and even Alaska, USA

Are you going to be the first one to join us out of another country, or you want to join your national mates?

Come in today, and be Inflame for God!

God bless

('s Admin)