Influenced by friends still...



Influenced by friends still...

Hey there everyone

Everyday I think of the lord, everyday I pray, If I even as much swear in my own mind I'm immediately conscious of it and feel just a bit guilty (though not overly so!). I guess you can say I'm rather pedantic in trying to do the right thing.

The problem lies in my situation with all of my friends and even family. You see I'm only 21 and trying not to drink when i"m out socializing with with friends, trying not to look a girl in a wrong way or come up with some rather erotic thoughts feels just about impossible. Especially with the media nowadays. I try my best to squeeze thoughts or how I view things out of my head but because I'm a worry type of guy and well... have a very open mind I can perceive things in many ways and when looking at adverts well.. we all know sex sells.

I love my friends and family but I cant get myself out of this lustrous cycle of drinking with them, and not registering any interest in women gives people ideas... how do I go to a bar with friends and not drink that is just odd... It wouldn't be long till I'd be looked upon oddly.

And to find a women on top of it all who doesn't want to have sex with me overnight... feels impossible... Even the nicest women I have relationships with after a few months want something...

Sorry for carrying on to long but it feels like my social life is already falling apart at the seams... What does a young guy trying to be the best possibly christian he can be do in this situation... unless I lived in the mountains oblivious to normal human life I don't think I can keep the Lord happy :-(