Inspiration for Week of September 28 to October 04, 2014

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Oct 29, 2006
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Good Day, Friends; As the result of denominational changes made to God's Word over the past 1700 years, or so, some chronology and time line details in original scripture have been lost for many Bible readers and students. If we look at the unmanipulated versions of the Books of Luke and Matthew, we can see the proper timeline of The Nativity. Those persons who study with us and read our weekly Inspirations have been shown that the actual birthdate of Christ was in the overnight hours of what we now refer to as September 28 and 29 on the modern calendar, as transposed from the original Hebrew calendar. Please join in group prayer with us this week as we thank our Heavenly Father for giving us His earthly Son, so that we may believe upon Him and find Salvation in Him. May God Bless.

For an accurate study on this timeline, please use the non-denominational link below. Thank you.
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